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all talk, no walk!

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Ok so I went out last night, had a good time. I met a friends friend. He was cute. Anyway, the guy was all talk and no action, he acted like he was macho but he couldnt even cut the que (yes I cut the que all the time at clubs, people are too drunk to notice anyway). He was flirting with me all night and in the car going home. Well anyway, I didnt even get a "can I have your number" After all that flirting, he didnt even ask for it!!


Its just weird, maybe he was shy? I dont know, I dont think I really care either, which is a big development for me because Im such a self conscious person.

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So what if he doesnt cut? Was he saying that he would? I wouldn't really be impressed just because someone get cut in front of someone. I would see it as rude and sometimes you can tell a lot about someone by how they treat other people.


Well if you go to the clubs I do you would cut, if you dont you'l never get in anyway this isnt about cutting in!!



The guy flirted with me all night!! He wouldnt stop dancing with me. He kept offering to buy me drinks, he would tell other guys off for trying to hook up with me. He gave me all the signals! Then in the car on the way home he touched my hand really gently.

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Yeh thats right, but they dont flirt the way he did with me!


To expect that someone you meet in a club is going to ask for your number because he flirts with you all night and dances is unrealistic in my opinion.


I do not think you have to chase a guy - all you have to do is be open, warm, friendly and encouraging and mention activities you like to do and places you like to go. A club environment is probably not going to yield much more than a one night stand or fling with some exceptions - to maximize your chances you need to be out doing activities that involve both men and women that you enjoy - volunteer work, hiking, backstage community theater, singles activities, etc.

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