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question about NC


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Ok, so I have been doing NC, and its been a little over a week. Yesterday, I got a call from the school because I am the "emergency contact" list for her kids. I was bugged because I have been doing well, NC at all. So, I decided instead of calling her, I emailed her and just kept it just to "The school called and needs you to pick up your daugher". I did get a Thanks email back, but I dont want it to look like I wanted to email, or anything like that. I mean its obvious it wasnt an excuse, because Im assuming she went to go pick up her daughter, but I guess I hope I handled it the right way. I am feeling like I finally have a hold on this a bit, and dont want it to go away.

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Thank you . For the first time in a decade I am proud of myself for something I have done for me. I have lost myself in these years. I can honestly say for those out there who feel lost and empty, NC has helped me soo much, I have done LC for a while now, but strict NC for over a week. I am starting to feel an excitement of life for ME now, not US. Its a very good feeling. I would have felt bad about myself if i did "Breech" NC.

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