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what should i do??? i can't go on....

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Hey everyone i am in a very bad situation and i need some help.

Me and my boyfriend have been together now for 7 months. but we've been good friends for almost 2 years. the first 2 weeks into our relationship he was arrested and was in jail for 30 days... when he was in jail i had gotten drunk and there were guys that were hitting on me but i pushed them away... i told them i had a boyfriend and NO i never ever cheated on him... i ended up going home... well i never told my boyfriend because i was scared... he found out and wasn't too happy he thinks that i cheated on him because he knows the guy that was hitting on me... the guy that was hitting on me told everyone that we had did things together.. But i DIDN'T... i don't know if he was telling everyone that because he wanted to brag... i don't know.. but i swear i never cheated on him.... well yesterday my boyfriend started calling me names that i'm a b**** and a hoe and things like that and that he doesn't give a S*** about me...... now today he was alot more calmed and told me that he loves me and he said that things had changed now and they won't be the same... i can't stop crying I don't know what i would do with out him i love him soo soo soo much...i know it was wrong for drinking that night i should have never went with my friends but i did back off and i never ever cheated on him and i don't know why he doesn't believe me.. he says that he doesn't know if he wants to be with me and i don't blame him for being mad and upset but i never cheated.... i don't know what i would do.... please help me because i can't live without him....

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I don't see anything wrong with you going out and drinking with your friends (unless you are under 21). It is NOT your fault that these guys hit on you. Your boyfriend should trust you enough to know that you wouldn't cheat, and if this is how he is going to react, then you're better off without him. You deserve better than that. He should listen to your side of the story and believe you, unless he's been given reason not to. If there's no trust in a relationship, it won't work. I know it hurts now, but if he's acting like this already, imagine how bad it would get farther into the relationship.

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You were not wrong for going out, you are not "owned" by him, and people in relationships do have their own lives too.


You were definitely not wrong for turning this guy down.


Your boyfriend either has some big trust issues, or is just a jerk and using this as a reason to end things - to justify it. But it is absolutely NOT okay at all to call you names like that. At all.

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