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So, I had come on here recently, sort of coming to my own realization that I'm gay...


I went on a date with a girl last night and all I can say is wow. I've seriously never experienced these feelings before. It's scary, but absolutely amazing at the same time. It was hard to be confident in the "i'm gay" thing before...I sort of had the cake, but no icing. Well, last night...I kissed her and boy did I get my icing.


I feel ready to start telling people, but I'm not sure where to start. How do you start telling your friends that everything they ever thought about you was actually all just an act?


Also, I'm really scared about my feelings for this girl. She could break my little heart if it didn't work out. I had so many feelings when I got home last night that I just started crying...


Sort of just needed to rant. Ok, I'm done now

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Congratulations on your realization! Hope everything works out for you with this girl =)


As far as wanting to tell people, that's even better! I don't have too much experience with the whole coming out thing, but I would suggest taking it slow, and telling those who you think would be most accepting first. As much as you may just want to run about blurting it out loud, you don't want to come off as too anxious.


Who knows, you might find that those around you knew you were gay before you did =P

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Well, last night...I kissed her and boy did I get my icing.


haha, that sounds funny for some reason... sorry...



I've never had to deal with this but I thought I'd try and reassure you that friends have come out to me before and I didn't think any less of them. I don't think your friends will think, "Oh, she's terrible she been lying and acting this whole time!"


If they're good friends they'll realize you've been confused and be happy for you that you've come to an understanding about yourself.


Any time one of my friends have come out me and everyone else has been ok with it....there are a few times where it's been a shock but more often we've suspected it for a while so it wasn't shocking at all.


As for the girl, I'll just give the same advice as I would for a guy: Relax, stay calm, even if this doesn't work out there are others who you will like just as much.


Wow, I should follow my own advice....

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That's great--hope all goes well for you. If your friends won't accept you for who you are, whatever your sexuallity, then screw them. If they are TRUE friends, then they'll reallize(maybe not right away, but eventually), that your sexuallity does not define who you are--that you're still the same person, you're just attracted to girls.

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Hey! I actually recently came out to my family and friends, but there are a few friends I just can't tell.. I mean, i know people say 'if theyre really your friends, theyll accept you' but, the truth is, it all depends on how they were brought up. It's hard.. i know, but you have to do whats best for you. And, its not like your past was all and act, it was an experience, that lead you to discovering who you really are. Im still trying to figure out if im Bi or Gay, but trust me, once you meet someone that makes you feel amazing, you're gonna wanna tell the whole world, and if u have to wait till that happens, it's ok. Take your time. But make sure you arent lying to yourself

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Woot go you I'm glad you found someone you like so much. Don't concentrate on the negative concentrate on the positives for now ok. Or you'll start to lock yourself away and that aint healthy. Plus it might ruin stuff. So just be happy


Telling your friends. I know how that feels i was terrified when i realised i was gonna have to tell people... Or more when i realised i wanted to. It can help to write it down. I did that with a few of my mates. Its easier to describe how you feel. As lostlove said your true friends won't care they'll be happy you're happy.


Good luck!

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Oh, I'm so happy for you!!!! That is awesome that you are getting the self-knowledge about your sexuality that you have been searching for and that you seem to be accepting it. It's also awesome that you went out on a date with a woman and got to kiss her and were turned on. It can be daunting and overwhelming at first. Take things slowly. You are experiencing so many emotions about being gay and coming out and then possibly attempting a relationship on top of it.


I would start by coming out to one of your female friends who is either gay, bi-sexual or has other gay/les friends and is accepting of it. That's who I came out to first and it gave me the confidence to come out to a few more friends. However, I am still in the closet with most people. I think my family thinks I'm gay, but I haven't actually ever brought anyone home.


Feel free to PM me if you want to talk about it or tell me about your date!

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Why does everything have to be so difficult?


So, this girl...who I'm like head-over-hells for now, doesn't want a relationship with anyone because she's in love with this girl who actually has a boyfriend AND a kid...but that says she loves her too. I know she's not making it up, and that thats the reason, because I remember seeing a post on her myspace that, though vague, alluded to some sort of heartache, but I disregarded it...




I just wish she'd see that its unlikely this girl would leave a boyfriend and child for her...of course, I really dont know *anything* about their situation...but I just wish I could be with her.


I'm really, really, really disappointed and sad

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I feel your pain. Well, I haven't gotten as attached to a girl yet, but I sort of understand. Suddenly all those sad love songs make sense. heh.

For what it's worth, you're really pretty so I don't think finding a girl attracted to you will be an issue now that you're comfortable with yourself and somewhat "out" and looking.

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I'm so sorry that it turns out this girl is pining after someone who has a boyfriend and a kid. It kind of shows where her head is...up her anal sphincter!


I think that you should consider just dropping her from your life as soon as possible since you don't have much of an emotional investment, so that you don't end up pining after her. Keep looking for someone who is open to being friends and possibly more and is actually emotionally available. This girl will come back to you if it's meant to be.

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I'm so sorry that it turns out this girl is pining after someone who has a boyfriend and a kid. It kind of shows where her head is...up her anal sphincter!


Hahahaha! That made me laugh...I needed that. Strangely enough, I feel like I already have made an emotional investment...even though I haven't known her for that long...I have this really strong desire to be like: "oh, I'm available to talk and listen..." I think thats my natural response. I feel like if I'm available and it doesnt work out with this other girl, she'll come to me...I don't know if its the right move or not. I also wish I knew what the situation was w/ this other girl. Bah. This still sucks.

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