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help.....i want to text her !!!!

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i got a gut feeling that she is being preoccupied by someone else....its been 3 weeks.....she swore up and down there is no one else...but come on shes a beautiful CONFUSED girl......it just hurts that she hasnt contacted me the thoughts are killing me



my text would read


" i guess its safe to assume someone else has got your atttention since i dont, hope he's what your looking for"



obviously an accusation and it wouldreally suck if she is doing nothing wrong except clearing her baggage from her divorce

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You need something to get your mind off of this. You are consumed. And I know what its like.

Its mind over matter. It really is.

Choose to stop. Choose to do something else.

Hanging out with her brother isnt good either .... because all you talk about is her. See where Im going here?

Do what YOU like to do.

Go to a bookstore.

Rent a movie, a funny one.

Hang out with different friends.



I cant stand to see you torturing yourself.

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DON'T DO IT!!!!!! Yesterday, I broke down and answered a call from my guy. He had been calling for two days! He started texting me and he knew exactly what to say! He called again and stupidly I answered! It was hell, it was the break up call! He was cold and callous and denied ever cheating on me.....Please dont text back! I'm starting over from day one almost because of it. She is just trying to make sure she still has you where she wants! Give it time and she will realize when you NC what she has lost! PLEASE DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I agree with everyone else, DONT DO IT!!!!! Nothing good could possibly come of it. At best you won't get a response at all. At worst she could get really angry with you. Either way you are pushing her farther away. She has asked for space, so give it to her. If you really feel the need to text her, write what you want to say down on a piece of paper and pretend that you're giving it to her, and then walk away into another room.



If I were you I'd stop hanging out with her brother. Nothing good will come of that either. You are not going to get any answers from him, and you are most certainly not going to get any answers from her, because she is confused and doesnt know what she wants. Trying to get a confused person to give you an answer is like trying to get a person with a broken leg to run a marathon; its just not going to work


Just give her some time. It hasnt even been 2 weeks of NC yet....thats not nearly enough time for her to begin to explore her feelings. I know it feels like forever to you, but to her its hardly anything. So sit tight. Be patient. And get a hobby! Do something to get your mind off of things because it sounds like this is all you ever think about. Its consuming you. That is no way to live, is it? And you can bet your booty that she is not sitting around thinking about you this much. Just let it go for now. There is nothing you can do to change the situation, so for today go outside and do something fun! Or call up some friends and go out to eat or something. And just let it go for today. You can do it!!

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Don't do it.


I text yesterday with a simple text. She texts back with, "WOW! I have not heard from you in a while. (been about 13 days) How are you?, etc.".


So we text back and forth a couple of times and then she is just gone. No goodbye. No, I gotta run, but I want to talk to you 'cause I told you how much I cared and we had our tongues down each others throat (OK, so a little jaded there for a sec ). JUST GONE!!


I sent her something really cute to her work, that had a little meaning from a convo we had. She got it earlier this morning. Does she call? Does she say "thank you"? NOPE!!


Don't do it, brother! Please don't do it!!!

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