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I'm a highschool student (17 y/o) who after a long year decided to write a book for fellow highschool students. I have this general feeling that peers my age take advice more from their friends or someone they know rather then a complete stranger women/man writing a book. Of course all teenagers have a sense that parents don't know how they feel. I understand that they once did it too, but times have changed a little bit and I figured I could help my fellow students. Wondering what eNotAlone members thought about this? I've written fictional books before but this book is more of an Index such as if your a helpless teen go to this page, and if your a jock that wants to settle down go here and such. Any advice or input would greatly be appreciated..Thanks!


I've reposted this in the relationship section.

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Sounds like a good idea. Be sure to include a part about how gifted students can better interact with their peers, as this is some reading material I would've greatly appreciated in high school. Also, I would advise against encouraging people to try to fit in; rather, encourage people to be who they are. High schools, at least where I am, are becoming increasingly superficial these days.

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My daughter is one year younger than you. Yes, things have changed. Sex, etc usually happens a year and a half earlier on average. There's more exposure to drugs around. School is harder but you probably learn less.


A lot of things about the teenage years you really don't understand until you're older. I don't laugh (for example) about 16 year olds who can't get dates but it really isn't that important. Most people don't meet their life partners until they're in their 20s and older.


I think such a book can be a help but only if someone who's been round the block a few times can put their point of view.

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Exactly..I plan making a authentic book, with interviews from people who have been. Once I start getting a base to my book I will start to interview people. I relize that most people don't meet their partners to later on in life, but "It really isn't that important" explains why such a book would help, because present time it matters, maybe not in the future.


In the future anyone who's willing to be interviewed and share their opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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"If you're a jock that wants to settle down..."


Dude, PLEASE don't write another goddamn stereotypical selfhelp book!


I admire your basic intentions though - focus on how relationships arnt crucial to life/keeping your self respect/safe sex/etc?


I worry about how much teens determine themselves by relationships these days, that'd be what I'd focus on. And how so many of them take real crap off their partners because they are too insecure to demand decent treatment.

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