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Addicted to food?

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Not sure if this is the right site to post it, but ive been here before and i know that you people can help solve anything!


Um well for a start, im slightly overweight @ about 90kgs when i should be 80 so not really obese. i dont exercise and i eat crap all the time (like Macas for dinner every night). When i am eating tho, i cant help but eat fast, and fast as in my mouth must be almost overflowing for me to derive any satisfaction from eating...when i try to eat slow it just feels extremely odd and the next thing i know i have a mouth full of chips.


Does anyone know how the hell i can curb this addiction! where the hell is the rehab clinic for this??

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I've had a problem similar to this, although not as extreme. One thing that helped me is to put my fork back on my plate between each bite. Also, when I eat with my girlfriend, I use her pace as a guide for how fast I should be eating.


I think you've got a good goal here, because if you eat slowly, you'll probably lose weight. Good luck!

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The way out of compulsive eating is learning to eat with awareness -- awareness of your level of physical hunger, awareness of what your body is hungry for, awareness of the food you are eating and awareness of how that food feels in your body.


Here are a couple books that go into detail of the process of eating with awareness:


link removed


link removed (I believe this book was originally published under the title "Breaking Free From Compulsive Eating")

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Out of sight, out of mind. Get rid of your chips, ice cream, chocolate bars, cola, and all the rest of that stuff and replace it with some real food. It's only going to get worse if you eat like that and don't exercise. If you don't feel full when you eat a real meal, load up on more fiber and vegetables. These will give you a full feeling and you won't be filling your body up with garbage. Also, you can try eating smaller portions at meal time but have snacks in between, like some fruit or a small sandwhich.


What it comes down to is portioning out your caloric needs through the day, so that you don't eat everything in one or two sittings. Sort of like keeping a fire running by tossing a few extra pieces of wood on it throughout the night, instead of using three whole logs and letting them burn out and starting a new fire with three more logs.

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