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Here's the thing, I've started talking on the phone to a friend of mine for two years. It was just three days ago where we talked for seven hours on the phone. We don't know how it happened, we talked about the most random things and most interesting (i believe) topics. The next day she wanted to give me a hug as I wanted to also. Nothing really happened, we talked during lunch break and made brief eye contact. The following night, I called her and we talked for about two hours. I was worked from the previous night. The next day she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I did also. The following night, we talked for almost six hours on the phone about the most naughty to the most weird topics we could think of. The following day, we talked with each other alone in the corridor. Again, we exchanged hugs and kisses on the cheek.


The following day, I had come accross a comment through myspace between her friend and her that she is "planning on having babies, but not with hmmmhhh" (exact wording). I'm assuming it's me because there has been talk amongst our crowd of friends about her and I. The following night I didn't call her because I was finishing up an essay and finished at about 2am in the morning. I was worked so I fell asleep fast. The following day, I didn't talk to her or make any contact. Just a simple heads up as we passed by eachother. The following night we went out with a couple of friends. We walked together, followed eachother around. We ended up holding hands and hugging and kissing on the cheeks. she was smiling the whole night and so was i. we both definitely enjoyed it.


So here's the thing. The same night about an hour after we arrive at our homes, I get a message from her saying that I need to slow down. patience. time management. and chill out. she calls me her bes friend in her last line.


this got me questioning whether she's has an outlook of us being friends or an actual couple. she says hugs and kissing on the cheeks is fine and ok. but holding hands and isn't. i don't get it. i really don't.


i gues my main question is her outlook on us. FRIENDS OR LOVERS?


can you all help me out?

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I went though somthing close to this. It went on for 5 months before she asked me "are we dating?" I did not know what to say the only thing that I could say is "I think so" but to make a long story short we started to date but she was afrade to get into a the bf/gf thing. You just need to set her down and ask her if she wants to start dating or are you friends that is the question. I hope that this helps.

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