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How intimate when coming back?

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My BF is coming back for the holidays in a few days.


We will probably spend some amount of time together the first few days, but we won't be staying the night together the first few days because we'll be in different cities, just spend the day together.


I was wondering...what if he wants to have sex during the first few days? I would feel like he is in such a hurry to do it if he does try. Should I hold back and tell him later, make him wait? But then again we haven't done it in a while cause we've been apart...but I don't want to make it seem like sex is so important at this point in the relationship.


What do you think?

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sex is always important. don't do anything that is going to make you feel uncomfortable. it doesn't matter if you've been together for 12 years... sex is something shared... not just something for him to enjoy. he still has a hand... if it's that important that he get off, he can use it.

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If you were having sex before in the relationship, then there will be an expectation of sex when you get back together. If it is not there, he will take it badly.


Do you not want to have sex with him anymore? If that is the case, maybe you should question if you want to get back with him at all or not.

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Well we were together before LDR. We had known each other for a long time as friends as well.


I just didn't want to have it seem like sex was the reason we need to see each other in person. It's not that I don't want it, but I value other kinds of initimacy too, you know?

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