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Internet love

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Hi I'm new, sorry if I posted this in wrong forum.


Here is my problem:

I never thought about internet as a real thing, until I met this guy. I never thought I could fall in love in internet, but I did. I love him like I'd love in real life, and he also says he loves me, and somehow I feel it, by the way he talks and by looking at him (webcam). He is gentle with me and always says he loves me and wants me there. Or I should say he used to do that, I'm not sure.


It started in may, and everything was perfect until august, when he started watching too many movies and signing online couple of hours before going to bed, this week he wasn't online for two days, and signed in only at 11, and went to bed at 12, he said that he was out with friends, ok I don't have a problem with that. The problem is, today I knew he was online, because I saw his nickname in a forum we met on, I said Hi, then I know you there, but h didn't answer. It really hurt me, I'm crying for like 30 minutes now, and I can't stop. I'm not sure waht it is, because he was still gentle with me in august, when he was online, and says that he loves me by a special way that makes me want to just fly over there.


Please don't tell me that internet is something you can't trust people in, because I trust him, jsut tell me why he didn't answer, it happened like second or third time, it doesn't happen often, but it did today.

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Hello there and welcome to enotalone!

I agree with in_the_mirror, you need to communicate with this guy about how you're feeling. Internet relationships are real, and they can lead to great real life relationships sometimes. They are, however, very difficult to keep up on. It's hard to talk to someone who is many miles away from you and never get to see them. You say you trust this guy, then I suggest you trust him enough to explain your feelings and have a talk with him. If you can't seem to catch him online, then email him that you would like to talk to him about something. I believe you can work through a long distance or internet relationship even with the odds against you, if you are willing to try. From what you have said, I believe you are willing. I wish you luck!

Best wishes.

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Yes, you should talk to him. But please remember just as a real relationship, in an internet relationship, you both have your own real lives. I was in an internet relationship for 9-10 months. I wasin the US, she was in the UK. It was my first real relationship, as with hers. We love each other.. although our relationship has ended now, I still very muich for her and she knows very much that nothign would make me happier in life than to get back with her.


The problem though was what ended it, she is a great person.. except I was a little possesive of her and would get mad or upset with her if she was unabhle to get online or was going to do something. That leads to way to much pressure on yourself and them.


Don't get too possesive, I hope he is being honest with you. Made he went to the forum and left his computer idle...


Good luck

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Hello there,


I myself have had such an experience too, and the best advice I can give you is: stop making assumptions and if it truly bothers you, talk to him about it. For myself such a thing has happened before too, but in the end I always find out that I was making all the wrong assumptions, because the computer is not the person, just because the computer is logged on does not neccessarily mean that the person himself is there too (stepped out, talking with someone on the phone, eating dinner, watching a movie, etc, you name it.)


Hope that helps, and good luck!

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