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Women Smiling


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What is the general impression of a girl who smiles A LOT for no reason?? Ive noticed that i tend to do that, its a habit...and guys look at me strangely when I do...and they just stare at me like im weird. They hardly even smile back!


But on a day im not smiling or just busy/serious, I see the same guys smiling at me a lot and looking at me more.


Maybe i shouldnt smile as much?? And I do have a very nice smile, its one of my assets...so that cannot be the problem. (im sorry if that sounds conceited)


Weird observation..

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Well it depends on the smile. Since the guys are smiling back at you on your off days...I think you must be coming accross as friendly. Maybe the guys might think you like them because some guys take friendliness to mean a whole lot more. But I think you probably just seem like a real nice person.

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Do you smile at people, or do you just look into space and smile to yourself? If it's the former, I would think you are friendly or even flirting. If it's the latter, I would think you were laughing at me. Sometimes walking down the hallways I see girls smiling to themselves for no apparent reason and I wonder if they saw something funny or weird in me.

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i always get compliments on my smile too. people want to talk to people who are smiling and laughing... they're just nicer to be around. don't worry about guys looking at your strange... it's probably just in your head or something. think about it tho... two guys sitting at a bar. one guy engaged in a convo where he's laughing and smiling, the other engaged in a convo where he's serious and straight faced. who do you want to talk to?

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