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Relationships can get so COMPLICATED!!!

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Don't you just wish sometimes you could trade places with your BF??? I wonder if I did/said half the stuff my BF does, would he even want to be with me lol. Tonight was just one of thoes nights when I needed to talk to someone, issues with my mom and just everything is going crazy. But he was too tired to talk.


I understand he did work all day today....and he did tell me once "i can't handle your problems and mine"....and today with all his Ex GF from 2 years ago won't stop causing drama.....he just wants to get away from it all.


But I feel alittle left out cuz I was looking for alittle compassion, a little comfort, but I'm left high and dry. Who am I suppose to talk to now? lol. I'll be alright tho!! I always get over it...until the next breakdown.


Sometimes I think my BF is a little selfish. When we get into arguments, he's dead set on he doesn't do anything wrong. He "works every day, goes to school, pays the cell phone bills" when I try to talk to him about being selfish, thoes 3 things always come back up. And it's like my problems dont compare to what he's going though, my problems are brushed aside, when i do get something out, there's nothing but scilence on the other end of the phone, either he didn't hear me, or he doesn't know what to say. It's really fustrating.


The intimate times are not so intimate.....I'm a girl....and I like foreplay....or something of the sort....he's always just ready to get in and get out. Most times I don't even reach an orgasim heh. He tries to act like he cares about me not reaching, but he doesn't ACT upon it. We've had a talk about it as well, but still no luck.


Maybe this is just a rant on how I'm feeling at the moment. I don't think I have a really clear head, I'm so caught in love. I love him so much and I don't plan on leaving him. I'm just so afraid to make him mad. Even tho he says he wont' leave me, just him being mad makes me think he's going to leave me anyway.


I wish he was more romantic....and I know I can't change him. But we aren't married. Every once in a while it would be nice just for him to do something, just cause he wanted to (me not have to ask him, or give 20 hints without telling him what to do). Like actually CALL when he says "let me call you back" "i'll call you back" or want to go out to dinner or something, not just sit around the house and sleep. I really would like some flowers, our whole 1 1/2 year relationship I've gotten flowers once....well it was A flower...maybe 2. I'm almost 20 and he's 22 we aren't 50!!!!


Relationships get so complicated at times....

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I wish you were my girlfriend.


In all seriousness, this guy needs to get a clue. It's obvious you're very loyal, and very trusting. You're the best type of girl out there. If I was you, I'd tell him what you just told us. If he doesn't change, tell him that's the last strike.


I wish you the best of luck. Cheers~

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Well that is making the person who you want them to be and not accepting who they are.


If you truly love this person then you will accept that they 'arn't the romantic type', in some cases actions speak louder than words, but those actions dont have to be obvious actions. Little things like doing things off their own back are the ones I appreciate, I know that my partner loves me just by his way of affection towards me and little jokes he makes about me. That is what I appreciate about my partner and he makes me LAUGH!


Accept him for who he is and you might notice a difference..

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Ugh. im the same way with my bf.

i keep telling him, you need to show me you care.

he tells me how hes been showing that that hes been patient forgiving with my past blah blah blah. and it all comes down to me being the one at fault.



im getting so f-ing annoyed with it. because he wont make time for me. i see him ONCE a week. ONCE. he says hes too busy otherwise but he spends a good amount of time hanging out with his friend & playing games/msn.


"I'm just so afraid to make him mad. Even tho he says he wont' leave me, just him being mad makes me think he's going to leave me anyway."

I'm exactly the same too. I hate making him mad because i think he'll leave.


i dont even know what to think. just that i know how it feels. I dont know, maybe we should learn to accept that that's just how our men are. theyre just all that good at showing they care.

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Believe me - there ARE men out there that DO care and are romantic and compassionate. I've stayed in one too many relationships for way too long and put up with the same stuff you are describing here. But you deserve better. Why stay in a relationship that is nothing but a constant disappointment? Find someone that is going to make you HAPPY. Personally, I'd rather be in NO relationship rather than one that makes me sad all the time. I'd be a crazy cat lady for the rest of my life but at least I wouldn't be treated like crap.


The longer you stay in this the harder its going to get.

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i give up......


I guess ii'll just have to take him for who he is. i'm happy with him 98% of the time, everyone has their flaws and whatnot. I still wish the same things but i really don't know what to do....but i really wish i did know.....i know there are guys out there who have the romantic side i want. but they'll probably be slacking in some area that he does great in. he likes to act like "i didn't know!" so i guess i will just have to TELL him or give him obvious hints lol......boys.......i'm still confused and all but oh well heh. and layword....i wish he realized that i was trusting and all.......am i being taken for granted?

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Believe me, I know you may love him, or feel that you do, but sometimes there is a fine line between addiction and love. Last year I was in a relationship for eight months officially (nearly a year unofficially). All I wanted was for him to show he cared, and I always thought it would get better. Being with him, even though he didn't really try, seemed better than not being with him at all. Well, then it was time for him to graduate,and move far away, and he broke things off with me.


I was devastated. And then it hit me. This was actually a good thing. It didn't make getting over him any easier. But once I did, I was so much happier. It didn't take another person to make me happier either. On my own, I was able to enjoy life on my own terms, and not have to deal with the constant nagging feelings of a relationship that wasn't good for me.


Maybe this relationship will end for you, and if it does, that might be a good thing. It might be hard to see (believe me, I was in denial all last year), but you will be happier without him. Relationships ARE hard, but this works both ways. It's the fact that there are more good times than bad that make it worth it.

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