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My story is long. Sorry for that. Anyways here goes...


We started going out when we were 15. We were in different schools but we kept our relationship alive over the phone. When we graduated to college i was with her. We used to spend alot of time together and everything was fine. As a few months went by in college I got into bad company and began smoking. She didnt like this at all and was very hurt that i did all this without telling her, behind her back. I even promised to her that i had quit but i broke my promises to her on 4 occasions. She forgave me everytime. And then things began going great.


As time passed there came a dry patch when I started hanging out with friends till late in the night and not answering her calls on my cellphone. After those 3-4 days she called me and told me that things were over between us because i stopped caring for her.


I cried, I begged...I did everything i could to get her back but she wouldn't come back. She ended our beautiful 2 and a half years relationship in a few minutes.


About 3 weeks after our break-up she started going out with this guy who is 16. She's 18 now. The guy is really immature. Before they started going out i met him and told him that he better stay away from her coz i knew what his intentions were. He used to call her very often after our break-up. Once they started going out things got ugly. He came to my college as a fresher. He was beaten up by my friends and ragged.


My ex all this while never spoke to me politely. She was always rude to me since we broke up. After all this happened, I apoligized to her. She was really mad at me. I didnt let her and this guy speak for 5 days coz he had gotten so scared of me. But eventually i gave in, coz i couldnt see her cry to me for HIM. She begged me for him and i succumbed.


It's been 3 months since we've broken up and 15 days since i last spoke to her. She called me a couple of times after i gave her what she wanted. Since then i haven't heard from her and i havent called her either.


I've tried to commit suicide twice. I really hope for her to come back. Please all fellow friends...help me....i love her too much...

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Hey dude!.

I'm sorry for your situation, and I hope things will be better soon!


I'm sorry to say, but I really can't see the two of you together in the near future. This because of some serious mistakes on your behalf. :


By starting smoking you first of all commited a felony, but you admitted it to her - that's a good sign. Then you told her that you had quit and still smoked behind her back. She forgave you, but she didn't forget what you had done.

Let's say that her romantic interest level in you was around 70% at this time. When you started to "ignore" her, she may have felt as if you had forgotten about her, and her romantis interest level in you dropped to say 50%. When the degree of love drops below 50% the relationship is usually over.

She started seeing another guy right after she dumped you, I know how that makes you feel, 'cos I have just had the same experience myself. I really wanted to make him bleed and to make him sorry he ever tried his low-life pick-up style on my girl!. But I didn't... I let her go.. and so should you. She's propably VERY angry at you for a long time, but time heels all wounds ok. Just let her go and give her time and space together with her new mate. And if you ask me, it sounds as if the one being immature is you ex, she doesn't show you any respect nor does she care how you feel about her getting a new BF. So why should you?

Since it took her only 3-4 days from a loving relationship to give you the royal boot, she really isn't someone you want to kill yourself over!?.


You don't want to be a sad sap over this girl, you don't know what you're missing while you are at home in you bed crying!. Mabe the girl of you dreams steps right up to you, but you don't notice her because you are too hung up on you ex. It's time for you to go out dating a lot of interesting girls, even though you don't see them as your future partner, but to build up your self-esteem. Develop yourself and seek wisdom in perhaps psychology or spiritualism. That helped me a lot!.


I know this isn't what you wanted to hear, you where looking for a way to get her back, like a book called "how to get my ex back" - sorry but there really isn't such a book that works.


I mean no disrespect by totally killing your hopes of getting her back, but I just want you to go on, and forget about your ex, find another mate.

I wish someone had told me what I just told you at my 3 months break-up mark, it would have made things much easier!.


Please try to understand that you don't NEED anybody! All you NEED is yourself, you WANT someone to be with, and that's totally understandable, but that's not NEED. Get rid of your neediness, it will only serve you one thing... more pain!.


All this may sound just like a pile of BS, but follow my tips and read it again in three months, you will see things much clearer then!. You're going into a VERY difficult time the next months, so use your friends and family as support, they're there for you!.


Best of wishes to you my friend, and take care of yourself! Everything will be alright -eventually!

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