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Piercings...please help!

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Hi everyone! This isn't a very serious post but any information would be helpful.


I got my ears pierced when I was only 2. I've never been a huge earring person, but every few months I put some in the keep the piercings open.


Well, since x-mas is coming up I would like to wear some earrings. I put in the right one, no problem...the left one, there's the problem! I got the tip of the earring through but i was unable to have it through completely. I finally got so frustrated that I pushed it and it went in a little more. So now I can wear earrings but my left one is hurting quite a bit.


Also, you know when you can see the back of the earring? Not so much with the left ear. It's either really swollen or there's some serious skin surrounding it.


My question is this: should I go get it pierced again so that it's completely open (like it should be) or maybe twist and move the earring I have in there now in order for it to open up more on its own? It's bugging the stuff out of me!!!

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You might not be "aiming" right. I know depending on the angle I put my earrings in, I can hit this wall of skin, so I just re-orient it and it works. But I wear earrings everyday.


I would have someone look at it for you, maybe they could tell better what the status is. If it looks closed, I would ask a jewelry shop what they think you should do, but probably I would not just push through the earring - if you are reopening a wound you want to make sure the area is really clean.

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Get a good pair of earrings (gold works the best) and sterilize the crap out of them (rubbing alcohol is your friend!).


Did you already get the earring through?


If so, then just put rubbing alcohol on it 2 times a day and rotate the earring...act like it's a brand new piercing.


If you haven't gotten it through, you COULD go to a jeweler but since there's already a hole there, there's not much they can do that you can't just do yourself. This has happened to me before and I just shove it through, clean it with rubbing alcohol, and LEAVE IT ALONE.


The more you fuss with it, the more it's going to get swollen and irritated.

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Put it in from the back.. it will open the hole up better that way. I'm not too familiar with earrings as I dont wear them but I have other piercings and thats what I have to do with my piercings when they've been out for awhile and it's going to be sore for awhile just keep putting peroxide on it twice a day and neosporin and it should heal up since you technically repierced it you ahve to treat it like a new piercing. I recently did this with my tongue and it hurt but within a few days it was better.

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