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Hi i hope this is the right place to post this. Ive had a sore throat with colds on and off for about 3 weeks and after the colds i have a sore throat. It was quite sore a few weeks ago but i starte taking ibrupofen and it got less painful. When i say painful it was never that bad to begin with, just uncomfortable, i have not gone to the doctor because i have had no other symptoms no other pains anywhere else. Its now hardly painful at all and i thought it had gone, just when i laughed today at someting my friend said i felt it hurt again. Any ideas of how to get rid of this? Should i keep taking ibrupofen as this made it a bit better. Im a manic hyprochondriac... i convinced myself it was throat cancer last week even though the only symptom i had was soreness! ..Thanks for any help you can give.

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Drinking herbal tea might help (coming from a tea buff). It's warm, full of antioxidents, and if you can find a flavor you like, it tastes good.


ooh, yes, this is exactly what I was going to say. You can add a little honey which will help to soothe your throat.

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I think all i had was a normal cold, right now i can't feel anything at all but before when i was out in the cold it was hurting slightly. I was thinking about making a doctors appointment tomorrow but i dont think they'll see me til next week. Im pretty sure its not strep, im a singer so i know all about that sort of thing i havent had a fever and my tonsils have been fine, its just been this dull pain which is more irritating than painful! My mum and singing teacher think its because i haven't gotten over a series of colds before another one had come along! i shall certainly drink some herbal tea my mum has alot of that

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I just got over a very painful sore throat. I get tonsilidis almost every year, and it gets to the point I can't even swallow. Nasty sores on the tonsils, yuck! I usually have it for 2 weeks.


I started drinking hot water, tea, and fresh lemon juice a couple times a day, take 500mg vitamin C pills, and geneshia(sp). Took about 4 days, but I healed up quick.

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I have a feeling it could very well have been tonsilitis or at least a mild version of it.. either that or it was just a re-surfacing cold that kept my glands up! The uncomfortable sensation came back a little bit today when i laughed hysterically at something my friend said again! ...but it hardly hurt at all so it's getting better! I'm going to keep taking medication until the pain has completely gone! I have finished University for the Christmas Period now and i should get more rest than i have been having, if by the middle of the week the problem still persists im going to go to the doctors, im holding out hope that it will have completely gone by then, each week its been getting better! Im thinking Juliana that you are right, i can feel right now something that feels like its running down the back of my throat... I had a cold again yesterday and thats when i thought it might just be the re-ocurring cold with sinus drainage creating the problem. I have to thank you all for your kind help if you can think of anything else to help please do let me know.

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Ive been to the doctors today, she has prescribed penicillin. She said my glands are only slightly swollen and she had a look in my throat and ear my temperature apparently was higher than normal. Strange thing was she couldn't find my tonsils... and i have never had them taken out! She thinks it must be the shape of my throat and that they are hidden a bit further back! Anyway thanks everyone for the kind words and help! I'll drink plenty of fluids, tea etc and take my medication and hopefully this problem will have gone by Christmas! Thank you all!

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