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Does she still love me?

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My girlfriend and I havent seen eachother in 3 months. After her first year at the university that I go to. In May, when the school year ended she went back to her home state for the summer and I went on vacation out of the country. Having been together for 2.5 years and trusting eachother we promissed eachother we are going to keep in touch with eachother. During the summer she made no attempt to call or email me and everytime we talked (because of me calling) she would always be doing something and couldn't talk to me. I felt very sad about that but there was no way I could anything at that time. She told me that there was nothing wrong and that she loved me in as a reply to my questions about why she acted like she didn't want to talk to me. We've been back in school now for a few days and ever since the first day she's been very distant with me. I noticed she had changed alot by smoking and doing stuff that she wouldn't normally do. To make a long story short, she tells me she needs some space right now because she has a lot in her mind and she needs to concentrate on school. She told me she still loved me and that this (the distance) wouldn't last forever. What does this mean? And if it is bad why is she telling to wait for her? She says she still wants to see me but she wants some space for a little while.


What could this all mean?

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dg, sorry to say man, but looks like this relationship is over and done with. It's obvious that this girl cares about you...that's why she's not coming straight out and saying, "look, we're over." A lot of people have a hard time breaking up with someone, because they don't want to hurt them, but it's kind of tough not too in a break up! So they soften the blow by giving you the "I need space" and "I still love you" (which, I'm sure she does)....I know it's harsh man, but really, for 3 months she didn't do a whole lot to try and contact you? And when you did she acted as if she had something else to do and had to go? I'd really take a hard look at things like that and decide if this is something you want to try and hang on to. Whether it be your decision, or asking her to make a definite one. You have your life to live, buddy....and it sounds like you've put it on hold long enough for this girl. Good luck....

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