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Thought for the day !

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Entering into a relationship is like buying a pair of shoes !!!!!




There are loads to chose from, all different colours and sizes.


You find a pair that you think will fit, you try them on, there perfect, you couldn't be happier.


But you find that the shoes do not fit like you hoped they would. There not perfect after all and do not make you happy.


So you put them back on the shelf and look for another pair.


But remember that the shoes you left behind will fit another perfectly.



(But always remember that the shoes that were not perfect for you will be tried on by another and you might end up with worse shoes than the ones you gave away!)


Irony !!!!!

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I can't remember the last time I tried on a pair of shoes for a year+ and then found out they didn't 'fit' and they caused me intense longing and pain having to give them up.


... or the last time I felt so alone and depressive I called an old pair of shoes at midnight and woke them up to feel connected to someone.

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