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Ex wants boyfriend back, but he's with me!!!

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Short and simple....


My boyfriend (of over 1 1/2years)and his X girlfriend had been appart for over a year before he met me. He basically wishes that he never met her, but she keeps trying to contact him. Sending him emails and he's had to change his number twice just to get her to stop calling. So she gets a hold of my myspace last night (gotta love that myspace drama) and she sends me a message, trying to "warn" me of his lies and cheating. This is the same girl that came up to my job last year cussing me out saying "i don't want him, he wants me", the same girl that got my number somehow called and cussed me out some more. I haven't said 2 words to the girl in my entire life!!! I don't believe anything that comes out her mouth, but I just wish she'd leave us ALONE!!!! She cheated on my BF and ended up getting pregnant (which is why they broke up). I have no clue what's going though her mind. Does she want him back? I just know i want her away, but it's like she can't take a hint....or a slap in the face.

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If everything you describe really happened exactly as you say it...why haven't you or your boyfriend filed a restraining order against her for harassment? She's actually come to your workplace??? He's had to change his number TWICE???


This girl is out of control and needs to hear from law enforcement at this point that she is illegally harassing both of you.

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AMEN!!! He needs to put an end to it some kind of way!! yes she REALLY did come to my job and he really did change his number twice. He thinks if he just ignores her, she'll go a way. but we've been trying to ignore her for over a year now. So I'll let him know about the restraining order. SOMETHING needs to happen cuz I don't think she'll ever give up!!

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IMHO, if you have kept quiet to her this long, maybe now is the time to say something. Let her know that you don't believe anything that she says and to leave you alone. Next time she tries contacting either one of you, you will report her to the police. This way she has been warned, and she has the choice to either contact you, or not contact you. You have been quiet long enough, and now she needs to know that enough is enough. If you can, go back and write down dates that she has done these things to you. You will need them for the RO.

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This story sounds too familiar................only difference is that he was on an off and on relationship with her, only because he had gotten out of a recent divorce and she was there as a companion.....then he broke up with her for like the 5th time and he met me.....then all the drama starts...if I had known I was going to have this drama I wouldn't have stuck with him.


Sweetie, I have beat this girl up and punked her several times letting her know that she needs to stop contacting him coming over to his house, and calling me private saying that she's pregnant with his baby....which is all a lie.


Just recently she got her friend to sleep with his brother, one night, she took his phone and took my boyfriends number out of his brother's phone and started calling my boyfriend. She kept calling private one after another, trying to mess up things between me and him. SHe had found out that we are engaged and she wanted to mess things up for us..


Sweetie I have been going through this through our whole relationship.....why I haven't left because I know he loves me and he wants me. SHe's told me that he tells her that he loves her and that it's him not her.....that BULLSHIET.....


We had to change his number because of it......and somehow she gots my number now, and she's calling me private trying to get me in trouble, but we know it's her.......but I am not changing my number, I would pick it up and tell her off.....and put her in her place.....


my boyfriend made a mistake in trying to be friends with her in the beginning of our relationship, and I went through a lot, and it upset me....she would call him and he would continue to talk to her...she had her own little way of making him feel sorry for her.....do not allow that girl....


I had to put my foot down and lay the rules down to him.....and how it made me feel...and what not.....and he stopped but she didn't.....she continued...


I don't think I can get her to stay out of our lives...I wish I can deport her @ss....but hope that she will eventually give up and move on with her life....because me and fiance are happy together.


We stayed away from the drama....see, girl the hard part is that we all know some of the same people so, we had to avoid hanging out at places we know that there willl be drama, we rather stay away, then to be part of it....


misery loves company, so sweetie, you do that harassment charge on her or you have to put your foot down, and do what you say to your boyfriend.


she will do anything possible to mess things up with you.

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wow....asianlk that's too funny!!! My BF and that girl were off and on for about 2 1/2 years. Him and her had the same friends, so he'd give his number to one of his friends, his friend would give it to his girl, and his girl would give it to the crazy ex. lol. But I did get onto him at one point in time about her calling and calling. She's blocked on his house phone, so she calls from other numbers. yeah I know whatever she has to say is a lie. I trust my BF very much and I know he'd tell me everything, I know him like the back of my hand. I guess I just have to come to terms with this girl and realize that she's crazy and is not gonna go anywhere unless I tell her to. Which is probably what I'm gonna do in a second. I have lots of things to say to her, and we'll see what happens, good thing she doesnt know where I live. haha

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Ok I just told her off, this is what I said...


"No wait, here is a better idea.....


Just don’t talk anymore. I know your trying to be nice or whatever and warn me, but I do trust him. I trust him a lot more than I trust you, that’s for sure. For a split second I forgot you were the same girl that keeps trying to talk to him, the same girl that came to my job for no good reason. I don’t know why you keep trying to talk to him, every time he just blocks you, don’t you get the hint? I’m not tryin to be mean but dang. Just leave us alone, cuz whatever your tryin to do ain’t working. You’ve got a son and a man, what else do you want? Take care of what you got. Whatever happened between you and Jerome is between ya’ll two. I just know we got something very different, and we are not about to go anywhere, but up, this 1,000 dollar ring on my finger is not about to come off any time soon. I know where he is 24/7, I don’t even have to ask him, he tells me. If we’re not together, we are on the phone. So I don’t have any thoughts in my mind about him cheating. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just trying to be honest. Just if you want to be a woman, rise above your past, cuz dwelling on the past will get you nowhere. You’ll be stuck in the same place for the rest of your life.



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It definitly sounds like she wants him back! if he has had to have his number changed twice and she has contacted you 3 times (Work, phone and myspace) its time to do something about it! Personally I wouldnt even "thereten" her with a restraining order I would just do it and sense he has had a "realationship" with her he might be able to get it done for FREE! enough is enough and if something isnt done about it soon it might become between you and your boyfriend and she will ultimitly get what she wants......him! well goodluck and best wishes!

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Thanks thanks, best wishes are always welcomed!!!


Yeah she already got a little of what she wanted....to be on his mind. He actually got off the phone with me tonight to "air out" so he's probably just laying on his bed thinking about what he's going to do about HER. Whenever she does stuff like this I get alittle UGH cuz they used to be together. They lost their virginty together. blah blah We can spend hours talking about the crazy things she did while they were together (which is what we just did lol). I don't want her to break us appart but my ex best friend already tried that, so I guess me and him can handle pretty much anything if we stick to it.

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