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3 Regular Emotions.


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These are 3 poems I wrote, they all follow a similar format and have no title just the emotion they represent.



Hate, reeking of wrath.

Vile anger in the pit of my mind.

Breeding itself to destroy me.

Insanity creeping around the borders of this pain.

Growing, ever growing in a twisted burn.

Feeling my veins pump violence around my body.

My blood reeking of this intense hatred.

If only, they could understand my blind rage.

I spill a thousand hate filled words but action is different.

Each finger weighs with a 1000 feelings of pain.

Eating its way through my sanctuary.

The only release is through tears, of rage.

A haven exists only in my mind and the anger burns like acid through it.

You say you understand, you were like me once.

I say you can't, time has changed us.

My body cries out to be destroyed but the hatred will burn itself out.

Regret thins out the feelings, weeding into my consciousness.

Slowly the wrath disperses, leaving only sorrow.

Left a hollow shell, tears, of sadness from what I have become.



Fear, controls life.

Insane terror shreds my mind.

Collecting itself and feeding on my life.

It bleeds its way into my thoughts.

Edging into paranoia.

I feel my eyes dart with silent screams.

Movements become eratic with only one goal, survival.

If only, I could understand why I run.

All this time, nothing learnt, still fearful.

My body lightens with adrenaline.

Conscious thought evaporates into eternity.

One last breath, one last fight.

My last escape is to hide.

You caused me to run, fight and hide when all was lost.

I couldn't heal this panic.

Hiding, last purposeful thought slips through the edge of consciousness.

Cant escape this depression, distressed at unrest.

Full terror blinds me from the truth.



Sadness, portrays hurt.

Increasing sorrow recreates the scene.

Over and over again, no escape, no release.

Bones shiver with the force of the tears.

Shaking cold, while the scars cut deep again.

Cradling my face, wishing the pain away.

The thoughts creep back into my mind.

Again and again, no safety, full of regrets.

Unfocused thoughts provide no relief.

Lost at life, fighting for the chance to.


Every tear is a reminder of this pain.

Every sharp intake of breath will bring the sorrow back.

Every. One. Shaking cold with no hope. Will bring it all back.

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