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I'm so confused, sad... inside out. someone pls gimme advice

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There this girl i really really like, and she knows that i like her too... infact it's been going on for almost 2 years now. but it's just one sided... I like her more than a friend, and she treats me just as another good friend but no deeper. I'm just hoping that one day, things will change for the better.


but tonite after chatting to her, she was very sad. saying something about someone hurting her more than anyone else in her life. well, i didn't know if she had liked anyone then... but the way she put things... it was like someone she liked and she was hurt pretty bad in a way. I tried to offer my help and was willing to hear her out, both out of curiosity and also it hurts me too.


I dont know which one hurts me more... whether it's it about finding out that she has feelings for someone else and I'm being an idiot here. or it's because i like her so much that i really love her and it's just too painful to know she's sad because of someone. she doesn't wan any of our friends to know what she told me, saying that it's been going on for almost a month. she just didn't tell me things clearly and it really caused me to think of things otherwise. i keep having negative thoughts... thoughts that hurts me... myself.


someone pls give me some advice on how to help myself and how to help her out too...

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Wow, this must be very hard for you to live like this for two years not really having any clarity about your future with your friend. I feel for you, and I have only a suggestion. "Date other people" it is not fair for you to hold on so tight to something that you may never have. If you broden your horizons you never know, you may find someone simalar to her and fall in love for real. Give her and you some space, right now the more you see her the more you feel for her, back up and re anaylize this situation before you make yourself sick. OK?? Please get out and date others. DOnt hang on to this forever, because that is just not fair to you!

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