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Ok I will explain it as well as I can....


My ex.My abuser.Has been harassing me ever since we broke up.I fought back.Now I have Homeland Security on my tail.They want my computer.He hacked my fiances accounts on both Yahoo and Myspace.He has his mother trying to sue me for harassment to Waffle house (his previous job) and I might have called and told him he is going to prison and telling him his day is gonna come but he called my house to the point where we were ready to report him for harassment.He is sueing me for putting things in his name.They say I ordered $7,000 in merchandise,God knows how much of Pizzas and stuff,and harassment towards him.


I did it in revenge.Is that wrong.I wanted revenge on him and that was just one way to lash out.Homeland Security has my IP address and they want my computer to prove it.I wont give them anything because they will get me on my school records for having a knife at a football game(I live in the Ghetto I have to have a knife for protection),then there are the scars on my arms,and the people in town who are scared of me.I was told they can put me away for that as well.So I will lose if I go.I will burn my computer before I do that.I am only 17 and I will not be in Jail.I have had to much mess go on.They told me as long as I clean my act up now I can be ok.Since I am 17.Well I have been.Now he has hacked my fiances account.I messaged him and said that's illeagal and you will be going to jail.Since he is 18.



I had a major breakdown last night.It hit me.Everything he did to me.It fell on me like a rock.I have been so mentally strong for so long and I lost it.My mom told me she believed me.She also told me that I just have to let go.His day will come.Which she is right because he got fired from his job which was his pride and that was Waffle House (pathetic huh?).He got caught spitting in their food.


He has a girlfriend.He has been with her since she was 14 and he was 17 at the time.Now he is 18 and she is 15.They have been together for a year.She has been harassing me saying I am lying about the abuse.Why are guys like this.She is so blinded like I was and when she finds out what he did to her...she will explode.I never did anything but talk to her about useless things.He likes to get them young and mess with their heads and make tehme the wrong ones.Now I am in a trap.


I am scared he is going to edit everything I sent to him and her and try to get me locked up.What should I do?I carry a buck knife with me around the house because I am scared he is going to be there.i just need a little advice on how or what to do with this situation.



Thanks for your help!

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Hi, no matter what he edits that you sent to him it's not proof, anybody can edit e-mails. If you're worried about the stuff on your computer, you can just throw away your hard drive and get a new one and reinstall everything...


All his harassment is just proving that he's getting desperate and feels cornered so dont worry about it he probably has no chance.


You can always tell his girlfriend's parents about him and maybe theyll prevent her from seeing him...hope this helps xx

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Don't throw the computer out without running a magnet over it first.


Stop carrying a knife around; keeping yourself on "high alert" all the time is going to make it impossible to feel or think about anything else. Put the knife down, and deal with the things as they come.


Yes, revenge is wrong, and you are going to have to deal with the consequences. If there are financial repercussions, try to work something out with the people involved. Do not talk to your ex directly ever again, or his girlfriend. You need to get calmed down and sorted out so you can move on, and that starts with no contact.


No matter how bad things get, they will eventually start to get better. How soon that happens is up to you.

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