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My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship because of college. We have three weeks to spend together for Christmas...


and I really don't want to be bleeding for one of them!!


I've done the research, and I can't really come to any conclusions as there are arguments for both sides... is it safe to skip the placebo pills and start right into the active pills, just this once?



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Just to be on the safe side- go ahead and place a call to your doctor to double check.


I know women who have done this for a vacation, or a honeymoon, myself included, with no adverse effects.


I don't anticipate there would be any reason that you could not do this for just that one month, but it's always best to check with your doctor, just place a quick call.

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As long as you have no other health risks (stroke, maybe heavy smoking, heart problems, etc). Thats why its best to check with doc. You could call a nurses helpline too... I only know the canadian numbers though.


Some women try skipping it and end up getting their period anyways. Good luck tho!

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