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push me, kick me


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I have been lied too

Been pushed to the floor

Kick back down

So im left to weak to move a thing

My heart has been ripped out

But you dont seem to care

Hearing you talk about this other girl kills me

But i cant let you know that

I was a fool thinking there could be an us

Havent slept in days now

I am staving myself to feel something

I am inlove with someone who doesnt love me back

So push me, kick me

I wanna feel some pain again

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Nah they just lied to me and said they felt the same bout me too. I was happy then i told the person how i felt, they so called felt the same, then i was the happiest iv ever been but now they dont, they lied thats hurts more, i can understand them not having feelings back, but why say you do when you dont. i guess they are just like everyone esle just dont seem to care. just kick the crap outta me becuz i dont care anymore, make me bleed make me feel pain cutting doesnt seem to do much to me anymore. The also told me that they cant stop thinking about me bull****, more like they cant stop thinking about this other chick. I was the fool for believing this other person. I didnt lie to this person, i told them exactly how i felt, only the truth and no lies, wat i get in return lies

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How do you know you got lies huh? How do you know what you got wasn't truth. They told you how they felt about the other girl for a reason. Cuz they didn't want to lie. They said they cared about you to and had feelings for you to and they did and still do but they just aren't that strong. They can't stop thinking about you. Because they see you going down this path again when they want to make it better but then doing that would be a lie. They can't help the way they feel. They wish they could so they could take away all the apin for you but they can't.... they're sorry you feel like this though!

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