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I am going to her therapist tonight. I never went to one before ever. she left cause i looked at internet porn and hid it from her. I love her very much. what will happen at the counsler


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I hid some things from her and she left me. I think its wrong for her to do it. I want to work it out but I do not know where to start

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wow, she left u because u were looking at porn online..........hmmmmmm, what guy doesnt look at porn.......i thought all girls knew that, i mean, dawg, what kinda porn would make ur wife leave u, obviously something else lies beneath, i mean, a sacred bond of marriage should hardly be thrown out over "porn".......... come on now, go to the therapist, she'll help u alot, but u gotta dig deep, 9 times outta 10 there is something behind this.................it wasnt kiddie porn was it, that is nasty.........if it was anything like that, she ahd a good reason to leave......let us know and keep us posted...........and if it is just that she doesnt like u looking at porn, then u know what u have to do..........sacrifice...........lose the porn..........1...........

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There must be something else you're not telling us. I can't imagine anyone leaving a marriage because of that. Were you neglecting her sexually? Did your addiction to iPorn take up so much of your time that you weren't spending enough time with your family? Somethings missing.

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Did your wife tell you out of her own mouth that the reason she is leaving you is because she caught you looking at porn? If so then she is lieing or better yet, hiding more then just a lil secret from you. Wives stay with husbands who sleep with there sisters, wives stay with men who beat them, so i can't see a little porn being the complete answer here. There is something missing ok? Something else that has to be on her mind. She was probably not happy about more then just this, and this was the straw that broke the camel's back...can you please go into more detail about this one..then I'll come back to it...ok?

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Well if all you did was get caugt looking at porn, mabey it made her feel like you aren't attracted to her/don't desire here. And if she's a woman that overreacts alot, she'll probably be back soon.

other than that, mabey you she caught you right in the middle of a full- blow PMS. My sympathy goes to you... good luck!


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unfortunately, i can understand her side. i have been in that situation before, and one of the reasons i broke up with him was because of the porn. the best i can do is suggest that the way she feels is the way i felt...

He made me feel as though I wan't enough. He made me very insecure about my body, and I constantly feared taht he would try to go after a girl that looked liek that as opposed to me. I really hope you can work things out, and you can regain her trust.


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I t was that I hid the fact and she found it on the computer. She installed spy ware and tracked it. I am sorry for it and never will do it agian. I also am a push over she say's and wants me to be more assertive with her. I went to therapy with her last night and It looks like we can work this out. I just want her to come back home instead of living with some girl form work in a nasty apt. with two cats.

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