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b/f g/f conversations???


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Now this is probably a stupid question but I have no idea who to ask, now I have asked friends about it and get the same answer....When your on the phone with your girlfriend, what to talk about?? I love being with her and when we're together we just talk about what is going on present tense and just hangout, do whatever, but when we're on the phone it doesn't seem like there's anything to talk about, we get through the usual How was your day, what are you doing now, got anything going on at school tomorrow, things like that, then it's just boring. Just some insight would be helpful, or what you and your mate talk about???

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Hmmm, well don't drag the conversation out for too long, that's for sure! Have things to talk about, observations, comments, questions. What makes you laugh? What have you seen on TV? Anything insane in the papers? Erm, gossip mags - the fact that Britney Spears et al have been flashing their bits to the world!


But like I say, don't make it too long, so that you get uncomfortable and can't think of what to say. A lot of men I know aren't comfortable on the phone - it's the women in their lives who make them more at ease with chatting on about what's going on. Let her talk as well - keep it long enough to show that you are thinking about her, and want to have that check in time with each other, but don't let it drag. One thing I used to do was watch a film at the same time, and comment on what was going on - that was always really funny, to be honest!

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