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so my ex tryed speaking to me today on msn, i just ignored it. I took all the stuff down off my wall that was a memorie of us (was this right) . . . i dont want to be iwth her and we have both moved on, but as i loved the memories should i put the stuff back up? Or should i forget about it and carry on with NC and save the space for new memories ?

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Removing all these old memories is probably a good choice considering the fact that you have moved on. Block her from MSN, put all the material things in a box and stash them somewhere, and continue on with your life. The memories will always be there because they're in your mind, forever. Without the material things hanging around it gives you the chance to think of the memories when you want to, not have them shoved in your face every time you walk into your room.

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i have took her off msn and myspace, and i have got all our memories and stuff we did together in a folder. Ive just kept thinking, i have my whole life to lead and i dont need to waste any of it thinking about the past when i can easily make more memories with people i really actually love. Thanks guys xx

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