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Hey people. Stuck in a town that I just moved to and know nobody, I'm broke so it's kinda hard to go out to the local watering hole where I have some acquaintences.

I felt I've put a wedge between my ex and myself by talking about it too much. We've been able to talk about things but then I talk about "us" and she doesn't like that. It became a long distance relationship when I moved.

I've missed work. I get all ansy with nobody to call, broke, the sun sets way too early. I feel very isolated and trapped.

I'm tired of crying and know that when she broke the news of being confused and didn't want to hurt me, if I had just laid low given her space and not called everyday like I did, things may be different. But I've further pushed her and made her continually unsure.

I hate this feeling of isolation. Arghhh.

Not to be rude, but relying on this site just adds to depression. We're all a bunch of saps. Sorry.

I've been sleeping all day. It's grey outside.

Thinking of the past. Holiday plans shot.

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Go NC, don't let your depression control you and cause you to to in to a tailspin. Focus on yourself and the new job. Stay active. You may not have a lot of money right now, but there are things that you can do that won't cost money. Volunteering for a local charity will help your new community and make you feel goo, too. You can make friends volunteering, not just at the bar. In short--get out and enjoy life.

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i understand what you mean by sometimes this site just adds to depression... but i think that this is whre people can come together and be supportive. By helping others, you are also helping yourself! also, knowing people care and that you are not alone really does help... try to stay positive... i knw it is extremely hard but perhaps try to understand that everything happens for a reason! (cliche i know..) but its true...


I completely understand your sense of isolation. i have just come out fresh

(almost 3 weeks) of a 3 yr relationship..


This holiday period is going to be extremely hard on many of us... but perhaps see it as a time of giving to the needy... like, volunteering might help! i know i have tried but all volunteering positions in my city seems to be filled at christmas!! so i'm lost for ideas.... but you might be luckier than me!

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