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Exercise tips & advice

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Feel free to post advice for others to read in regards to exercising, working out, and getting/staying fit.


Here is a tip from me-


When you are doing cardiovascular activity (running, fast walking, stationary bike, bike, etc), your body is primarily depleating calories for the first 20 mintues or so. After that, it starts to burn fat, too. So if you are trying to burn fat and are not noticing any results in the short-term when you are doing cardio, perhaps you are not doing it for long enough (and are perhaps not working yourself hard enough, too). 35-45 minutes straight of cardio is a fair amount. If you do that regularly, in addition to the benefit of not being malnourished, you will notice changes in how you feel and how you look.

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^-- I read somewhere that if you have a limited time for your workout, do weights first and then cardio -- for the same reason easyguy mentioned, to warm up so that the cardio workout is effective.


My best tip for anyone wanting to stay healthy/get in shape is to drink water like your life depends on it. If you always have a water bottle with you, you'll be less likely to have sugary, calorie-filled drinks...You'll be flushing toxins out of your body...And you'll start eating less, too -- because thirst is often confused for hunger, and, of course, because your stomach will be fuller. It's really a miracle drink and helped me so much when I was trying to get in shape!

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Watch what you eat!


Try not to eat any fast food, or anything that looks fried. For example, having two tiny donuts at Krispy Kreme has the same number of calories as having a big bowl of oatmeal with a glass of orange juice (which one's more filling?).


Um...work out wise, I might be wrong, but, if you've worked out one muscle group (anaerobically..like with weights), than avoid working that same muscle group for two days, even if you're not sore at all. Its supposed to give muscle cells time to rebuild.


Try running a mile every day. Before you go to school, or work, or whatever, take a mile long run. Time yourself, try for under 10 minutes.


Pick up a sport! I'm a tennis fan, so I play for about an hour every day. Playing tennis for an hour burns around 500-600 calories if you try hard. And its fun. Even if you're not that great at it, you'll get better, and you'll be in shape.


Um...try to stretch out a lot. Like, make sure you can touch your fingers to your toes with out bending your knees. That kind of stuff helps limber ya out, and helps your posture, so you'll look nicer even if you have a little extra flub.

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