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Does someone really know what love is until their first brea

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Hey everyone


Well, I'm sure some of you have already read my problems. Long and short of it was that I neglected my perfectly angelic girlfriend of 2.5 years broke it off with her and then she started dating a guy 2 weeks later and now is living with him after only 5 months.


This was 6 months ago and the pain is even worse than it was 6 months ago.


Anyways, my question is:

Does a person really know what love is until their first break up?

I mean, she was my first relationship and the first person I have ever been with intimately. I never experienced a pain like this before and I want to give her everything and more that she gave me in the relationship.


But she's pretty much made up her mind and I'm pretty sure I'll never see her again even though we had an amazingly great 2.5 years.


Yes, I've learned from this experience. I've learned a great deal from it actually and some me is happy that it's happened, or I never would have realized what she was to me.


I'm really think it was because of my inexperience, immaturity and selfishness.....but doesn't everyone deserve a chance after feeling this way? This was our 3rd break up, 2 by me, once by her. I know it sounds bad that it was 3 but they were really just a couple of day breaks...


What happens when you think that you can't live anymore without her. I'm pretty confident that I'll never know someone let alone date someone that was as sweet and caring, do anything for me and the most special person on the face of the earth.


So what happens now? Now that you wake up every single day thinking about her. Go to sleep every night and lay in bed for an hour or two just dreaming what you had and what could have been?


What happens when you don't want to live at all without her?

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Bill's to do list for getting over a woman:


1. Take up a new hobby, or revisit one you left behind during the relationship.

2. Spend more time with your friends (the guys/the gals).

3. Take up exercise, it's very calming. In fact, some say it helps release the tension...so exercise before hitting on someone?

4. Take all your pictures of your ex and put them in a box, if you choose to keep them. Otherwise, throw them out, burn them, whatever.

5. Do what you want to do!

6. Start socializing with many women, soon you'll realize there are a lot of other sexy, intelligent, non-nagging women out there.

7. Lastly, go make a change to your appearance. You know, perhaps go to the hairdresser and tell him..."I want a change, do something that works". Or perhaps buy some new clothes, something as a fresh start to a new and more experienced you.



Oh yeah remember this, every guy that gets dumped on here says something, "I want to give her everything", don't give her everything, they'll tell you that's sweet, blah, blah...but they don't REALLY want that type of guy. Remain a challenge, once you give them everything you're not a challenge anymore, and thus, you are moved into the friend column. Women will disagree, but it's true.



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