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Can anyone understand what happened here?


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The story:

At work there is this woman which I always thought was kind of cute but because she was on a different shift I never gave it more thought than that. Recently (last 2 weeks) she has been going out of her way to get my attention and to be honest it kind of peeked my interest so the last 2 days I came in early to try and strike up some kind of conversation to get the ball rolling possibly. Yesterday we met in a break room and she was so nervous it looked like she was trying to jump out of her skin and it made a normal conversation impossible beyond how was your day after which she left the breakroom pretty quick, she followed me to the break room and it wasn't her break time and didn't get anything while there. Today she ignored me at first then gave another guy her number in front of me and made it very obvious she was doing so?


I'm just wondering what I missed here. I really don't know what to think. Any ladies out there that can help with this one? It would be greatly appreciated!

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She is probably trying to show you that she is desireable by giving her number to another guy. Or she could have her feelings hurt that she has been flirting with you so hard and you haven't asked her out.


Either way, she really does like you, so if you like her you should go for it.

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