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Talked to the 'ex' for the 1 year anniv.

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Was quite nervous thinking about it. Since i'am at college and shes up in ny and got a new bf, i guess to cope with my loss. I called her up and the first thing i asked her was, what is today, this was her response. "TODAYS THE 9th!!!!!!!!" we both laughed and felt really good talking. it was a good feeling hearing her voice and hearing about that day and we talked about how we first met and the things that happened that night. She told me she is getting excited for me to come home for break. i asked her then what about her new bf and she said that he'll be busy and that we "definitely need to hang out!". Yes, we are both young but i think i got this girl under the leash =)! (in a good way) and feel comfortable that we will get back together in the future without to much of worried. but i just figured id update you guys on the situation from previously...


The Upcoming 1 year Anniversary:


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It's good that you're not down in the dumps about your situation...But for your own sanity, I wouldn't get too optimistic as far as getting back together -- after all, she is still with her boyfriend, regardless of how things are going in their relationship. But only time will tell...For now just keep on moving along with a smile on your face and dazzle her with your charm when you hang out over break...

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