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will I ever get a stead gf?

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Maybe you're just not ready for a long-term relationship. Sometimes we confuse what we want with what we're ready for. I've had the same problem before, my older brother saw the break-up one time and clonked me over the head. Told me even if I looked all sad, he could see relief on my face. It takes a special girl to have a long-term relationship with, give it time, and you'll find each other...But most likely she'll find you, women are annoying like that.

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I feel like everytime I meet a girl, everything goes well for a couple of weeks, then it goes flat and dies out...why? I feel like Ill never find a steady girlfriend! does everyone go through this? Ill meet one girl and 2 weeks later, its over. this sucks.


Yes, this also happens to me alot, Many times I go out with a girl just once and thats it. We have a good and fun time and after that she doesn't want to go out again and shows no interest in me at all. I have called many times and left messages and no response back, so I just gave up..I don't understand why this always happens to me.. I never been out with the same girl more than once..

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I had a full blown relationship that lasted a two whole hours, think you can top that? You have to keep things dynamic, movies and hanging out is ok but after two weeks that gets old. Use your imagination, surprise her let her wonder what you have in store for her. You got her attention thats the somewhat easy part now you have to keep that attention focused on you.

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Hm.... I remember your other thread about your troubles with the girl.


I think you should just examine what all the situations have in common, and see if your behavior had something to do with it. It's possible though that you aren't doing anything "wrong," just haven't met the right person yet.

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