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persuing someone your friend wasn't successful with.

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is this wrong?


i am not sure if it differs between guys and girls but i would appreciate males' perspectives.


so, your good friend likes this woman, dates her, but doesn't get anywhere with her. you were interested in this person too but backed off initially since your friend started something with her first. but she is not interested in your friend and you want to try your luck with this female, however your friend still likes her.


is it wrong for to try for her? if you do, what if your friend gets mad?


or how about this: your friend meets girl and is interested in her. but she's interested in you. you're interested in her too. what do you do?


is there a 'right' or 'wrong' way to handle these situations?

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Pre-relationship, if two likes one another, then the 3rd person need to back out, especially if one of the two people involved is your friend. It doesn't matter who met who first. If two people have feeling for one another, anyone else is a 3rd wheel.


During a relationship, if you try to go for her while your friend still likes her. You are stealing your friend's girlfriend. My may loose your friend (good friends are hard to find, while there are many good chicks out there).


You need at least wait until they have broken up. If she is not interested in him, sooner or later they are going to split, and you can go for her then.

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It all depends on how close you are with you friend. I'd prolly want to talk to my friend about it first to make sure that he's ok with you dating the girl. You don't want to risk losing a good friend over a girl.


My best friend and I used to like the same guy but I backed off because I knew she liked him more than I liked him. But it ended up being that he was more interested in me. My friend found out about it and actually approached me first to tell me that I should go for the guy instead. She doesn't want to see us not get together on the account of her, since she knew that we were both interested in each other. I ended up going out with the guy for about two years and broke up a year ago. All three of us are still good friends til this day and sometimes we'd bring it up and laugh about it.

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