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Ok so I met this guy on firday night (its tuesday now) and i we really "connect" and both really like each other (we are doing the whole are we arnt we together thing) since friday we have been like rolling around kissing for hours and stuff, but i really like this guy and we have both talked about how we feel like this could be something really good


I have just come out of a almost 2 year relationship (arguing since march, split up in october!) and he was the only guy ive ever slept with (im 17). the guy i met on friday is quite a bit more experianced than me (hes 18).

I really want to show him how much i like him and although i feel comfortable and respected, i feel bad for thinking about it so soon, esp after i have just come out of a relationship. I dont want to be like "someones number" so im a little confuzed as what to do!


I know its soon but it feels 'right' now, i was just wondering how long we should wait before we have full sex? (even thought obvously he isnt pressuring me or anything

Thank you for helping!


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I really want to show him how much i like him


Well, you can do whatever you want. For technical safety reasons, you really should wait until both of you have been tested for STIs.


What worries me is the line I quoted above - if you do decide to have sex, don't do it because you want to show him you like him! There are plenty of other ways to show appreciation/affection. Basically, have sex because you want to for yourself, not for him.


If I were you, I would wait, because I would want to be emotionally connected to the person I was sleeping with, be in love, and know more about them (things you can only find out with time). However, it is up to each individual to decide what their standards for having sex are. Just make sure YOU feel comfortable with the decision, and don't make it to prove anything to him or keep him around.

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