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Cliche question, but one nagging at my mind all the time. What IS the use, anyways? Me being up there at the top of the "most useless, pathetic, slacker human" list for a long time, is wondering his worth in life. Money dominates everything, there's no room for shy people, social darwinism has run rampant throughout this country (not to mention world), and thus it doesn't take a mathematician or even scientist to know that I would probably be the human sacrifice if ever needed. I think I've finally reached the point of being envious of people who piss and moan about their jobs all day long... because at least they're getting paid. Not even Target will hire me. I would work at a gas station or at a convenience store, but I'm afraid of being killed, hurt, robbed, or all of the above on the job. I'd also be willing to work construction, but my mom is still trying to cradle me in her arms telling me it would be "hard labour on her poor little boy". Oh well, since I'm worthless, why not? She has no idea what she is talking about, yet she is the one that constantly nags that I haven't been "trying hard enough" I've only freakin turned in 11 applications and attempted probably twice as many (but stopped after realizing that all the jobs I can apply for require experience)!!! Ok, so there are people worse off than me.... big help. Would you tell a blind man standing next to a paraplegic that they "could be worse off?" I get that crap all the time and I hate it. The dating world is exactly the same way as the job market, so I've given up on it 100 percent. There is no room for me in the world of music. Every time I try to form a band and create something meaningful (art) that can be observed from many different levels and angles, something screws up. I get some annoying tagalong like my friend who has a really egregious ego, is a pathological liar, small-talker, and pretty much crapped on the nearly 5 years of effort I've put into bending guitar strings. He's riding our coattails and thinks we're nothing without him (he told me "i'm going to make us famous!"). Of course, he has a big mouth (which needs to be sewn shut) and his bass playing is stiff, grooveless, lifeless, and mediocre at best. He's wormed his way into the band I was starting (with little to no permission) and takes over. Oh well, life hardly goes the way I want it. Other times, it just flat out sucks. I'm seriously trying to find a quick, painless, guranteed way to the next afterlife.

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I'll risk getting shot down, but its all about the attitude.


I really do know where you are coming from. I feel like I'm going nowhere. I despair at the world. There are a lot of people I've known/DO know that I simply can't stand! I know how annoying it is to be told "you could always be worse off".


Do you simply want to vent here, or are you open to challenges concerning your thinking? Venting feels good for a while, but nothing will change at all unless you start to think it can. You're cutting yourself down before you've even started on the way up! At 18, you can't afford to do that. Its a waste, y'know?


Surely you'd already be dead if you were that intent on suicide?


I know its not what you want to hear, but I'm starting to think that one way to make life NOT suck is to stop thinking it does. It might actually suck in reality, but the only way forward is realism combined with a determination.

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There isn't a point. Pardon my pessimism, but I see no point in life other than to reproduce and survive one's species. The thing is, it's all we've got...


You can make something for yourself. Music may not be easy to make profit in, but if it's what you love, then f*** that. Do it anyway. I'm an artist, and I know i'm gonna make a s*** living when I grow up, but it's my passion, and it's worth living for.


Is your music enough to live for? If it's really, truly your passion, then that should be.



p.s.--pardon my french mods!(¿por favor?)I felt it was necessary to get the point accross.



good luck man. keep doing what you love.

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Don't get me wrong, but I love music. I really do. I wish I could make music my passion in life, but I had to learn an important life lesson that is never taught in school.


In this life, you can't win. You can't. Unless you live under extremely lucky circumstances (prodigies, anyone?), in this life, it is about as impossible to win happiness as it is to win your way into heaven according to the old testament. Sure, you can try, but if you're me, you're going to be called a "washed up loser", be beaten up, and have your spirit crushed.


Long ago, there was a way to combat this pessimism... it was called "rock music". It was created circa late 50s, thrived in the 60's, held strong throughout the 70's against disco, the 80's against crappy glossed-over productions (even though there was "hair metal".... blegh), and the 90's against all the BS megalomanic pop artists out there. But since about 1997/98, rock has been on the decline. Bullcrap pop-artists who woulda had their 15 minutes of fame over in earlier years are now thriving while musicians with raw talent are buried under the 5h1t sea which is moden music.


Music is now a joke used as a tool to aide/create trends (emo, anybody?) and encourage "pirating" to make sure that decent artists earn only enough to have a bit of studio time. That's on a good day too. It's robbery enough that the record companies make about 90 percent of the profit for every CD sold... now they're putting anti pirating software on CDs, so now they've created a solution to the problem they created.


Thus, in this life... I can't win, no matter how hard I try. I've figured out money, prestige, popularity, and those who created all of the above are truly ruling over this society. Day by day, millions of people go off to jobs they hate to buy crap they don't need... so they don't give a crap about any of this draconian control over our lives (the music industry is just the tip of the iceburg) as long as they can make the money.


Truly, the RIAA are the Zionists of the musical world (not meant to offend the jewish community and/or come off as anti-semetic).


Still looking for a way to end it in a guranteed, painless way. Regardless, thanks for the replies.

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Cynical Guitarist,


I am sorry you're feeling so down. Have you considered working at a music store or teaching guitar to kids? Also, put your despair and angst into your music. Write your own songs. Develop and refine them for yourself right now. Oh, and stand up to the pushy guy who's horning in on your game.

You can do it!

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by Jeffrey2095


I was strolling through our town the other day, when to my great astonishment, I was addressed by a talking stone.

"Why, you're a talking stone!" I marveled. He scrunched up his face.

"Call me "Rocky", or "Mr. Rock". Nobody ever stops to think that a rock is entitled to a little dignity!"

"Hmm, I guess even a rock is due a little respect... we want to be fair. Say Mr. Rock, I saw a program on television the other day, that pointed out, that all the heavy elements here on Earth, were created in the middle of stars. In fact, it said that you and I are composed of many of the same ingredients."

"Just add water, ha ha."

"Very funny. So, what do you do with yourself Rocky, got any hobbies?"

"No, I just sit on this rock pile, watching the seasons slowly turn."

"Well, how long have you been doing this?"

"Oh, about 4.5 billion years; it's very depressing. All I have now, is a view of that tree stump. Why, 7000 years ago I had a view of a nice pond. Then, I accidentally fell down the hill and have been stuck here ever since."

"Yes, I guess things would tend to get a bit "samey"."

"Well, you don't see any remote control to change the picture with, do you! Still, I don't complain much."

"Well, cheer up Rocky; why, you have no idea of the things we humans must endure. You don't have to worry about death, or taxes, or disease, or crime, or hunger, or poverty... in some ways, you have it made my friend!"


"You mean you wanna' trade places with me?"


What is the meaning of life? Why did God make us? Well, maybe because it was simply worth doing. After all, who wants a universe full of rocks alone? Wouldn't things tend to get a bit "samey"?


Peace be with you!



If you like this, please share it with a friend. Thank you!

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Wow - I would LOVE to be friends with you in real life. You're exactly my type of person. You see right through society and all of it's bullsh!t, and know that life is meaningless. Because it is. Life is all about power. People are driven by greed and selfishness, and that's all anything will ever be about. You do have one good thing for you though, your music. I say if you decide to live, keep to your music. I personally can't think of any painless ways for you to commit suicide, nothing's fool proof, lol.

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