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On 08/14/2003 I was dumped from a 5 day engagement, and I started talking to this guy who has liked me for a long time. Before I was engaged I was in an abusive relationship with another guy, and the guy that really likes me and has for a long time knows him and they are friends. I have been talking to this guy ever since I got dumped. I have gone to his mothers house with him, and we have had sex together. I have great and deep feelings for him, and I have for a long time, but I refrained from acting on them because of the threats I was given by the guy I was with that abused me. That guy told Rod (the guy that has liked me for a long time) that I liked to play mind games, but I strongly believe now after telling him some of the things I have been threw that he realized who was really playing mind games. He has also refrained from acting on his attraction for me as well. He even moved one time because he couldn't stand being there and having such great feelings for me, and not being able to say or do anything about it. I found out about his feelings towards me through a freak phone call he made to my office looking for auto ins. He didn't know where I worked either. It was so good to hear his voice, but I fear I hurt him because of the relationshop I was in, but he told me if things didn't work out that he was there. Thursday (08/21/2003) he called me on the phone and said that we needed to talk. I said okay so we met up, and we talked. He told me that Jack *** (the guy who abused me) was over talking to him at the place he was staying, at the time. I said oh really, and I ask him how that went because me and Rod had been together the night before. Rod told me that he told Jack *** about us. I was so scared, and I ask him if he was crazy. He said probably so, but I am not going to go hiding from him like I am scared of him. I have never been so fearless in my whole life like I am with him. I am not even afraid of loosing him. Do you believe I have moved from relationship to relationship to fast or do you believe this is fate bringing Rod and I together? I do know that no matter what Rod would never hurt me, and he wouldn't use me either. I have known him for a while, and we have had a silent attraction towards each other, but now is our chance to explore it. I was just wondering what kind of thoughts others had about this relationship with my new found love that seems like, to me, it should have always been.

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