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After a good deal of soul-searching, I came to the conclusion yesterday that I might be depressed. I took an online survey and scored pretty high on the depression meter, so I went to my doctor today and he put me on Lexapro. He told me I might start to feel a little better in a week, would probably feel better in 3, and would almost certainly feel better in 6 weeks.


However, 6 hours after my first dose, I am feeling incredible. I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders and I haven't had an emotion since then.


Is it normal to see such fast results? Or am I possibly responding to the fact that I took a step toward doing SOMETHING about how I was feeling? I really don't feel like this is a mental change. I could physically feel the care just leaving me earlier, and it felt so wonderful.


Appreciate any comments or advice.

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Hey there,


Anti-depressants take at least 3-6 weeks to build up in your system and change your brain chemistry so you will not feel the full effects of the medication for quite some time. (3-6 weeks).


My mom takes Lexapro and had some undesirable side effects such as horrible stomach aches and very vivid dreams. It will take a while for the body to adjust.


I hope you feel better soon.

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Hey there,


Anti-depressants take at least 3-6 weeks to build up in your system and change your brain chemistry so you will not feel the full effects of the medication for quite some time. (3-6 weeks).


That is what I had heard too. But I swear something is going on already.


As for the side effects, I have had a touch of diarrhea and a mild headache. No big deal on either one because it beats the hell out of crying all day long for no reason.


Things look so much brighter already.

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It is definitely not typical to be feeling results from Lexapro for the first 4-7 days. Something I would watch for as your feelings begin to improve is mania experienced with bipolar disorder. Often times bipolar disorder presents mainly as depression, and then when the person is placed on an antidepressant, they become too elevated and become manic. This would present as having a ton of energy, feeling "great", possibly somewhat aggressive, decreased ability to sleep, overproductivity, risky behaviors like excessive spending, sex, gambling, and other behaviours like pacing or excessive cleaning.


Does your doctor specialize in mental health?


Have you ever had episodes where you felt extremely "up" before now?

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when I took lexapro, I felt naseous within the first few days, but didn't feel any psychological benefits until a few weeks in.


I think your good feelings are more placebo or OPTIMISM.... that things can get better, which is probably why your mood is lifted.


Anyways, just go with it. I hope you get better!

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I didn't get much benefit from lexapro for a couple of months. The first couple of weeks I was really sick and dizzy.


The scary part (for me) was coming off it. I literally couldn't stand up because I was so dizzy and this was while weaning myself off it. It took a good month or so before I could stop taking it all together. I also had this strange sensation where every time I moved my head, it took a while for my eyes to catch up.


But...if you're not experiencing any problems. That's great. I hope it helps you. Because it did me more harm than good.

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I'm bringing up this old thread because I just started Lexapro yesterday. To the OP... I felt a similar, although smaller, euphoric buzz you mentioned a little while after i took the first one. I've read some other accounts where people even compare it to ecstasy, and i can agree with that. there was some elements of clenching teeth and a small speed buzz for me. it all went away after a while and i was able to sleep fine last night. today is the second day, and i am feeling somewhat the same... just a slight buzz that feels kind of like a super-duper low dose of speed or x.


so, i also just wanted to get anyone's opinion/story about lexapro specifically. i got it for depression, but i also have some anxiety issues. i read a thread called "antidepressants and cheating/lying" and that wasn't easy to read... pretty scary stuff.


any experiences are appriciated.

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I can relate to the ecstasy-like sensations because I have taken E in the past. I got the teeth clenching and dilated pupils but for me it felt more like the coming down from E or speed. Definitely no euphoric feelings. I felt awful and really burnt out.


If you're having a buzz, that will probably go away within a week or two. Just enjoy it if you're into that sort of thing.


Also, people will write about anything to persuade others not to take various prescription/non-prescription drugs. In the end, it's a decision between you and your doctor after they've weighed up risks vs benefits. I wouldn't take everything you read to heart.

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yeah, i know it's a side-effect and not an effect... if that makes sense. i guess it was just more surprising than anything!! i hadn't felt those particular sensations since the 90's.


i'm sure it will wear off as things equilibrate in my brain. man, its still so weird that i'm even doing this... it's my first time on any kind of drugs for this.


i'm just hoping that none of these horror stories comes true. i'm sick of feeling blah and not into life, so i really hope this helps.


thanks applepie.

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