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New guy here. So confused...


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I never thought I'd ask this question, but I thought why not give this a shot here. It seems like many of you have had similar incidents.


Well, here's my situation... I've met this female, and I have to start by sayin that I've a lot dated before and always knew right from the start whether the other person was worth a second or further try. Well, this situation with this new person is totally different. I'm an honest guy when I say this is the first time I've ever felt this strongly about someone. It seems like we hit it off real well, but I'm unsure, especially with the holidays, whether I should try for anything more than just a friends relationship at the moment. She'll be doing a lot of traveling for the holidays, and I don't want to hinder any of her plans.


I was out at a place the other night with her where a band was playing. I was at the bar sitting next to her, and I have to say when I got there, she was already a little intoxicated. Now I realize people say that alcohol can bring out the truth a lot of times, but I didn't want to press anything on her in the state she was in. All I'll say is she kept looking at me every few minutes with this "flirtatious" type look, and just smiling. I inquired a few times on what it was all about, but she wouldn't give me a straight answer, just replying she did it all the time when she had that much to drink. The only thing was, she was only doing it to me. I know due to the state she was in, I could have pressed further and definitely got a kiss. But that's not the type of guy I am. I simply settled for a hug at the end of the evening.


She seems really into me, but I am just not sure how much. We talked every day last week sometimes for over an hour, and I took her to a coffee shop where we had a long great conversation. I get the notion every now and then that even though I've only known her for a couple weeks, it seems like I've known her forever. Today was the first day I didn't get to actually speak with her. I know she mentioned being busy the next few weeks, but she also told me yesterday she'd call me back, and she never did. Should I just not be overanalizing anything and wait a couple days? Maybe I should have acted faster, and those "looks" were a sign to me that I should have? Like I said, I've NEVER felt this much chemistry towards someone else. So I don't want to mess things up. Any advice towards what I can say, imply to her to get more information out of her would be great. Maybe conversational tips on how to know what she's lookin for right now relationship-wise? Thanks for any suggestions.

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Never wait in life, and go for the kill. The best plans during the season would to be go out with you anyway. And there's still time for you, i wouldn't let all her plans go in my way , and you should initiate something between the two of you, i mean since you want to head into a direction of being with her you might as well kissed her when she was drunk. Don't let yourself stop you from being with her. Sometimes people themselves are their own worst enemies in trying to achieve the things they want simply by holding themselves back.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Yeah, I should have really made a move. At least I would have known that night what the truth was. I did get in touch with and see her the other night for a bit. I dunno, she apologized for what happened. I guess we'll have to just do what I always do... wait and see.

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