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Should we be friends or more?

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Me and my friend has known each other for years. She grew up in the same city as me and we just hit it off. The problem though is that she has been in a disfunctional relationship forever. The reason why they dont break up is the excuse is that so much time has been invested.


Though I have always been there for the help and am always the first to be asked. In the past year this has been what I have done to help her. Maybe I am getting confused between the lines of friendship or being in love.


1. Her credit was not the best so I helped her get an apartment with family.

2. I let her use my credit card to pay for things. I have always received payment the same day or same week.

3. Financial burden came accross and was asked to help. Was not forceful but I helped. I dont expect a fast pay back.


Is this is what a normal friend does? Should I have be having these strange feelings. Yes I am physically and emotionally attracted to her. Do you think anything will ever come of it.


Should I have helped? Do you think its appreciated and what her feelings are for this?


Its been on my mind but I have no one else to talk to this about. All of our friends know each other and do not know of these actions. I hope to hear some input please..

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I'd be very careful about her if i am in your position.


She doesn't need to feel romantic towards you to borrow your money. So she may see you only as a friend. Furthermore, she may be a geniune friend, and is glad that you helped out, OR she may take the money and run off.


If you like her, you should tell her. Money cannot buy her love. And if she did, she might love your money rather than you.

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I know that your intentions are honourable but try and see it from her partner's side. The relationship may well be disfunctional but she chooses to stay in it. She also gets admiration from you as well, so she's OK.


Now if my wife had a "friend" hovering around waiting for me to slip up and let him take my place, I would not feel very friendly towards him.


I would suggest that you seek romantic interest elsewhere and support her in the relationship that she chooses to be in.

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