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saw my ex's friend today

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So I'm at school and I see my ex's friend. I waved at her and she waved at me and we left it at that. I just hate how I for some reason think about my ex too much. We have been broken up for almost 3 and a half months now and she had zero respect for me. but I keep having visions of her emailing me in the future. I dunno, I just want to move forward and forget about her because everything turned out so bad but for some reason I can't seem to forget. I think it's because I don't talk to people that much. I kinda just keep my inner circle limited because of trust issues that I have had over time. So when I do limited things, then obviously thoughts of her are gonna pop up in my head..does anyone have a solution besides thinking of the negative to get her out of my head? (and this is my last post until thursday night because I got a major exam. I promised some people on here that I will stick to the plan.)

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Hey Revitalized...I should also be studying instead of posting but am having a terrible night...


How about thinking to positive things in the future for you? Either immediate future or more distant future...instead of turning to negative thoughts about her? This is what I am trying to do...like when I start thinking about all the things my ex did to hurt me, I keep thinking "i'll be done school soon...i'll be doing residency soon...i'll have a job soon...I'll have some income soon...I'll be able to do a lot more things soon..."


A friend of mine told me yesterday...shift the focus from your ex to yourself...I'm trying to do this every second/everyday...


Write down a list of some positive things ahead in your future, and keep telling them to yourself...these are things you have to look forward to...moving ahead...moving on...


hope this helps even a little tad bit...

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