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I wasnt sure where to put this by the way...


So, at the moment im in my last year of high school, and i want to be a paramedic "when im older" but, at the moment we are having our mocks and i have found out some of my results... and im failing... and the collages go on these results so far all i know is that i got an F in Maths (And im predicted a B) and a C in Media (Which is good seeing as im predicted a D) and in Graphic Products I got a C (which isnt good, seeing as im predicted an A)


I need at least 4 A-Cs in my final GCSEs for the course i want to do in college, but im scared incase i dont get on it and i dont wanna dissopoint my parents, seeing as my older brother didnt fail in anything... I understand that the colleges expect you to do better and i have promised myself Im going to try my hardest to get the grades up... but its really taken a chunk out of my confedience and i dont know how to get it back up... I Revise all the time... BUT to make things more annoying my boy friend as started to cut himself


Im starting to worry about other things so much that im not eating right and I cant sleep at night which doesnt help either.



I Dont know what to do

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First off, with the schooling - there's always retakes. A lot of colleges ARE considerate, and will accept you even if you've slipped up in one way or another.


Secondly, HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF. I think its incredibly brave, and original, to aspire to become a paramedic!


I feel for you right now because I'm in the same situation. My A Levels are going down the drain due to my instability and it feels as though its now out of my power.

However, nothing is out of our power. It takes dedication, and occasional numbing from the rest of the world, but its worth it!


Is there anyone (barring your boyfriend) who is able to support you both emotionally and educationally?

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