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Well just a little update.


Things have been much better for the last month. It has been 5 months since he walked out but told me he was coming back and didn't finish with me at all and I am thinking about him less and less and starting to have fun again - I have been in NC for 2.5 months and think this has helped me very much. I asked him not to contact me if he was not committed to us getting back together and I have never heard from him.


I have wrote off the money he owes me - my piece of mind is more important.


Well this weekend a man in a pub gave his number to my sister and asked me to call him. I did text him last night and have had a few messages. This is huge for me because I was going through a stage where I just was not interested in any men at all - just couldn't trust anyone.


Nothing will come of this I think as he lives too far away but it is nice to get a bit of interest and it is a bit of fun.


Strangely enough I am all emotional and nervous about it - I suppose it finally closing the door and opening up others.


Did anyone else feel odd when they started thinking about maybe starting to see other people.


Anyway, may be the goodtimes keep coming.

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I'm so happy for you! You're taking good care of yourself and your psyche and moving on with your life. It's what we're all striving to do. I think it is normal to be a bit anxious as you start to see other people again. There's some truth to the old saying "Once burned, twice shy." Anytime our trust is shaken by someone we loved, it takes us longer to offer it to another.


I'm still in the early healing phases, tomorrow is the one month marker for me since the ex left. The best thing I did for myself was sign up for online counseling with a therapist fairly early on. Even though I'm feeling much better, I don't think I'll be dating anytime in the near future. Once I feel that I've healed enough and am in the proper mindset to date again, I think trust will be one of my major issues. In fact, it's an issue that I want my therapist to work on with me.


Keep moving forward with your life and keep posting here. It's wonderful to hear how people are moving on with their lives and provides inspiration to the rest of us.

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