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What is going on with him??

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OK so there's this guy.

I'm in college and I'm a TA for this class and this guy - he's my student.

Not a big deal - I'm a 4th year student, he's a 3rd year student - not that big a difference.

Well, it started out with him giving me all this attention that other students were not giving me - talking to me at the end of class, coming over to talk to me during labs, etc.

We met at a party a while later, he bought me a drink, we danced for a long time, you know how it goes.

When I saw him in class the next day, while I stood in front of the class and talked, he had this huge smile on his face and his face was kind of red. I had never seen him so happy.

My fellow TAs began to notice and kept telling me how obvious it was he liked me.

I didn't encourage him in class (I could have gotten in trouble), but outside of class, I flirted back.

We talked a lot outside of class.

I invited him to a party I was having - he said he'd come but never came.

Then, out of nowhere, its like I don't exist anymore. He'll walk directly past me, I know he sees me but he won't say a word. What in the world?? This lasted for almost a month and I gave up on him.

Then, a few weeks ago, out of nowhere, I noticed he kept watching me. I ignored him.

Then he started talking to me again.

We've been talking quite a bit lately.

Then, I invited him to another party I was having, he said he'd come but once again, didn't show, I was upset.

Next day, I run into him at another party - he got me into the party (I don't really knwo how - it was really hard to get in) and when I got in, he greets me with a HUGE hug, apologizes profusely for coming late to my party (when he got there, we had already left - so it turns out he did come) and then buys me a drink.

What's going on? Is he just playing games? Or being friendly? Or is he actually interested?

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I think a genuine interest would show in another way, unless he's always behaving this flaky. I don't know why you should get yourself a gun for this, I am hoping this is a joke, easy? Be careful with jokes like that though.


Anyway, I think that if he's that flaky around you, it's best to finish the time of being a TA in his class before you undertake any action. Don't date and TA at the same time, that is. That will only make matters complicated.



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Not necessarily. But that is what you want to find out. Maybe you can observe his behaviour around others for a bit? That should be possible if you are assisting in a class. See if he behaves flaky in general. Or else, wait for the course to end, take a risk and ask him out.



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God, I wish I had MY TAs hitting on me. Hell, mine usually don't even like me as a STUDENT.


As for this guy, maybe he just thinks he shouldn't be dating you, considering you're a TA and he's your student.


Personally, I would think there is a rule about fraternizing with your students that precludes such a thing, but what do I know?

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