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Well I've been single for about a month now and I hate it! Even though my ex and I are good "friends" and we still see one another I'm just so lonely. I hate being single and I'm back at it again. Sometimes I feel like I'm never going to find that "perfect" guy for me, perfect I mean as in my eyes. The guys that I'm attracted to are either hoes or dont want a gf, so I tried something new and settled for someone who I thought were very sweet and would treat me good, and he turned out to be abusive. I know it's only been a month and for some reason I feel like I'm going to be single for a very long time. Only because there are limited number of "good" guys these days...sigh.And it's almost X-Mas time, I hate being by myself around the holidays!!!! Guess I just have to wait till a "perfect" guy finds me.


Men are interested in me...just the wrong kind.


I'm wifey material!

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Yea, I am just starting to learn this myself. You need to be able to be on your own and OK, because in the end, that's all you have. I love having a GF, someone to call, hang out with, cuddle.. you know.. being with someone is great.


But, sigh, I am one of those nice guys with morals, and I refuse to sleep with someone without knowing them, it makes the sex better There are good guys out there hun, trust me.. sometimes they may be a little shy. Were a rare breed

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