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I cannot get over this pet peeve

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I cannot and I stress cannot, stand other guys who treat women differently based on how they look. My biggest pet peeve in the world (in addition to old people who cant drive haha)


Ok so I work in a customer service business.


Situation A) Girl walks in, who is very attractive, gets what ever she wants for free. All the guys in the store walk by the counter acting like they actually have a reason to be walking by, just to stare at her.


Situation B) A girl not as attractive, maybe over-weight, whatever it may be, walks in. My fellow employees first off don't even greet her nicely, make her pay for everything, don't go out of their way to help her at all. Pretty much be total * * * *heads.


What I don't understand is how I have worked 3 jobs, and every other male co-worker I encounter is like this. I hate it so much that I never make any new friends, cause if anyone acts like that I can't stand being around them.


I treat everyone the same, no matter race, appearance, etc. The fact that these people are so shallow and ignorant is annoying.


Consequently, I do not have many, if any friends. They ask me to go out drinking sometimes, which I do just to get out. I go out in hopes of maybe meeting some women, but cannot stand being around my employees. It must be New Jersey, cause every job I work at I can’t stand my fellow employees.


Ok I’m done lol

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as a girl, i like the little perks i get if a guy thinks i'm cute. be that shallow or w/e... i like them. i get better service at restaurants, people are more willing to help me when i have a question or problem, even professors are more helpful. it's not only being attractive that does it. you have to be a nice person as well or you don't get anything extra. i've found that if you greet people with a smile, they're more apt to help you. you're 22? i think as a woman you come to terms with exactly how men think and you don't expect a lot from them. this isn't shocking or insulting or anything or that nature to me b/c i've come to expect that type of behavior from men.

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Does it matter so much what other people are doing? Why don't you just make it your own personal mission to treat these less attractive women really well when they come into your place of business? All you can really change is your own actions, and hope that people learn by your example. Getting frustrated by others' behavior isn't helping anyone, you, or them, or even the customers. You're also assuming that the less attractive women actually even notice or care that they're getting treated differently. Maybe they walk out of there and think, what a bunch of immature guys.


Of course, you could always say something to these guys. There's that option also. I just think that you are being a tad bit judgemental, despite whether their behavior is good/bad/otherwise.

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Aye its inevitable. Many guys are like that, myself included. Its attraction and makes us do silly things.


I "TRY" to be equal to all, but there is just a subconsious thought that overrides my mind... and its sometimes hard to let go of.


I don't stare, i find that rude, but giving extra attention is just what they are trying to do by the way they have dressed/gone into your place of work. Its just attraction

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