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can anyone tell me sure signs of actually moving on. I think I am moving on, I feel better, eating better, getting angry, and feel excited now of the prospect of being loved, rather than put up with. I feel hope for my future. Am I just lying to myself.. Does anyone know signs that are sure signs that you are indeed healing?


Thanks in advance.

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Here is my 2 cents worth....

Moving on is when you stop measuring yourself and youself worth against him and his views.

Moving on is when you stop thinking about him.

Moving on is when you are able to make decisions because you want to and not have the decision based on anything to do with him.

Moving on is when he stop having playing anypart in your life.

Moving on is when you stop coming here (ENA) asking/Talking about him.


You are getting there.. but you are still measuring yourself against YOU in your pass relationship.

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thanks. i was already pissed at sliding back.


see, i absolutely hate the fact that people will simply not help others with things that take 5 seconds of their time - it destroys my BELIEF in them


i have already reached out to people and each time i get stabbed and treated like a kid when they have no flipping idea what i have gone thru


see, its easy to file a report and take someone's child away from them because it doesn't effect them - they get to wash their hands of it


i have already deleted these people from my life and once i get over his hump i will do what i always have done - met good support people and KEEP them in my heart and life.


i know what i HAVE to do and WHAT WILL HAPPEN but i also know if i have gone thru all this, and i have reached out for say a 5 second hello and they say GET LOST - how in the world would i build TRUST, RESPECT for this person - FRIENDS HELP FRIENDS


people don't get it


oh well, when i get thru this and i am moving mountains i know who i will and will not include - and frankly that would mean nothing to them anyways. if u have read some of my posts you would understand


i had one guy, who actually physically assaults his wife make the decision that I AM THE DANGEROUS one - and i walked over to his house and told him to never speak to me again


people just don't get it because its not happening to them - too many selfish people in this world that feel they are the only ones that know what works and what doesn't



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