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GIRLS: would you be upset if..

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As far as I'm concerned, it boils down to respect. If someone continues to do something that makes their SO uncomfortable, its inconsiderate and not loving. For instance, I had a boyfriend who told me that whenever we were in large groups, I'd dominate the conversation by making jokes. Well, I saw that he was right, so I curbed myself a little and let him take the floor when he wanted. I didn't want to make him uncomfortable, it was VERY important to me that he also have a good time when out with me.

Well, I want someone who would respect my feelings about being flirtacious and constantly looking at other women. I want someone who is as just as tried and true blue in love and devoted as I am.

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I actually made a point to look at cosmo and maxim.


O.k. The cosmo issue did have guys in there, with no shirt...but, the maxim issue was photographed/touched up better, and showed top to bottom, the actress was ALMOST naked...the cosmo pic was of a guy sitting in a bed, just with his shirt off. WHOOPIE!


I am not splitting hairs, o.k. well maybe a little.


To the guys: There is no equality here. There is so much more available to the men. All the time. Every day, everywhere. When the male strip show comes to town, (which is only once per year where I live) it is our only opportunity to see what you men get to see 24-7.


All the women on here, by the sheer volume of the women posting on subjects like this...Don't you guys get the impression that we are really tired of the disparity?


How is it possible that WE ARE ALL INSECURE? Mathmatically improbable. I came from the world of work that catered to mens fantasies and fetishes.


My point I am trying to make, without ticking off too many people, is that a lot of us gals have an objection to the disparity. We aren't happy about it, we complain, can any of you folks who stand to pee understand how you would feel if the world truly catered to womens fantasies and urges, to the greater degree that you enjoy?


There are more women on the planet than men. Would someone of intelligence please explain for me how, if we dominate the population, this is true? I know the answer to that question.

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The reason there are not a lot of scantily-clad men in magazines like Cosmo is because it doesn't sell. Period. This is likely because study after study shows that men are more visual when it comes to sexual stimulation, whereas women like to read erotic stories. It's just how our brains are wired. I'm not saying there aren't exceptions.


I see nothing wrong with a guy looking at any magazines. A lot of posters here say they have no choice but to be insecure with all the body perfection put forth in the pages magazines like Maxim. I say we always have a choice as to how we feel about ourselves. Anyone who's been alive on this earth long enough knows how airbrushed and staged all photography is. It's the same as TV, as movies, as all of those things. Just fantasies, not to be taken seriously.

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I agree that men are more "visual". I do not agree that a "study" is the reason for the disparity.


I am not as worldly as some who patrol this forum. So I will say that, in closing for me anyway, it is a mans world. I can justify that statement, but I will bet that most of you who read that sentence won't agree with my here in writing, but will agree privately.


This has been true since the beginning of time, I guess some can ingnore this big pink elephant, but I have a hard time doing that.

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Thanks to all the people who continue to reply, but if you read a few (about 5, 6, maybe even 7) pages back you'll see that I've already decided what to do. I think this is turning into more of ideological argument than it is my own situation, which I don't have a problem with at all -- but maybe we should start a new thread. (If anyone noticed, I haven't posted in a while).


As much as I appreciate additional perspectives, my "situation" has been misconstrued a couple of times. And although this generated a lot of enotalone attention, this was not at all a big deal in my "real" life -- you know, the one with my boyfriend SO, do me a favor, and discontinue the replies! Feel free to make another thread if you want, though.

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who cares what anybody reads or looks at... in fact by reading maxim he might learn a thick or two if you know what i mean.. its not likes he's hooking up the girls in the magazine.. i wouldnt worry about it at all. my ex used cosmo and all those magazines.. i think watching opera is worse.. hahaha

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