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Been 6 months NC, wanted to wish her congrats on graduation

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Quick question, My ex of almost 6 months if finally graduating and i wanted to congratulate her. We dated for almost 4 years during our entire college experience, I wasnt a pretty one and she cheated on me and moved on.


I have not talked to her for the last 6 months, shes been in a new relationship since she left me. Im not trying to open any doors on communication and she thinks i probably hate her, which is good for me because it has kept her from trying to contact me.


What do you think.....

NOTE: I dont want her back, under any circumstance, but we had an ugly break up and i said a lot of mean things, when she said nothing (she did wrong ) and i would feel better with a softer closing, atleast on my part.



The letter will sound somthing like this.. (very rough at this point)


Hey, im not trying to open up any doors of communication, and please do not take this an invitation. But I just wanted to say congratulations, its amazing how fast and far we all gone in the last few months and few years. But with that said I just wanted to say congratulations and I hope all goes well.

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This sort of thing happened with me and my ex too...cause we dated for like 3 years and then broke up mid grade 12.


Anyway, I say drop her a line...it's the nice thing to do. But personally I find the first part of the letter pointless.


Just say congratulations, your proud of her, she's done great, and you wish her all the luck in the world or something like that...


i really don't think that that kind of message is insinuating anything - i don't know how she could think that anyway.

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