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Dont know what to say!!


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Ive known this guy for about 2 months and we're both really inlove with each other..we always talk on the phone.

Now heres my problem, ive got absolutely nothing to say to him at all! Ive just simply run out of things to say, we sometimes talk about our love for each other..but thats about it. I just cannot think if nething to say and hes actually noticed this. Thing is..hes gotten upset about this but he doesn't say much either! I really dont know wut to sy to him..i think i really do love him, n i know pretty much everything about him but we just dont seem to be able to talk!! And ive only known him for 2 months....i dont think this will ever last long if we cant communicate properly! I really dont want to loose him!

Please help!

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wow, you are LUCKY. Look on the bright side, he still loves you and you still love him, even though you're having probs. So, If I were you, I'd try and make a new connection, something you can talk about. go to a weird thing (like a elementary school carnival, thats just an example) and just hang out, and then you'll find all of a sudden at the carbival (or w.e) there are a lot of things to talk about (omg, look at that little girl eating the ice cream! omg lets play this game. laugh. laughing is the key to a fun relatiosnhip)


ok, i'm spewing weird things again. i hope you get my drift?


g' luck talking to him, and even if it doesn't work out and you break up, you will always be able t look back at the carnival (or whatever) and say, i really shouldn't have gotten cotton candy in his hair.

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