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period 5 days after?

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okay so i had unprotected sex the day my period finished,

in the morning i bled,

took the morning after pill

which was approximatly 18 hours after unprotected sex,

was told by the pharmasist that the bleeding was probably spotting.

and that i should expect my next period after that in 25 days

(when it's next expected)

and if not to consult a doctor straight away yada yada

so five days after taking the pill

i bleed again, for about two days.

is this supposed to happen?

are you meant to expect a period after taking the emergency pill this soon?

is it possible theres a chance this could be due to pregnancy and the morning after pill not working because of the spotting?

or is this meant to happen and im just stupid,

because i know taking emergency pills can adjust your menstral cycle and expectancy can become earlier or later than predicted etc,

but i'm not sure if a two day period would count as a period alone?

also is it too early to invest in testing other possibilites?

(it's been around 10 days in total since my last period and unprotected sex occurred)

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the morning after pill can mess with your cycle. This means you could have spotting, a full blown period or something in between. You could also just not have your period til it is next scheduled to come. Don't worry about a two day period a few days after taking the morning after pill. It is completely normal and your next period could come when it was expected before or it could come a full cycle (about 28 days) after this two day period. There's nothing wrong with you and props for taking responsibility of this issue but it is always best to use protection when not on the pill or in a monogamous relationship! no excuses!

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Are you new to the pill?


Sometimes mid cycle spotting occurs when you first begin using the pill. But you should contact your doctor just to be on the safe side.


And... you know you are going to hear this because you are having unprotected sex and clearly not wanting to get pregnant.... make sure you use a condom each and every time you have sex. Not to mention the rampant STI's out there that the pill does nothing to protect you from.

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